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  1. Break up with your girlfriend,
  2. who wants to date.
  3. I Got that off-black Cadillac, midnight drive
  4. No title
  6. morgan is slaying me
  8. Gotta remove the fakes from ur life hehe
  9. where can I stream the challenge 2night?
  10. Anyone wanna d8
  11. sand nudes....
  12. twerks
  13. The only reason I log into tengaged
  14. *twirls*
  15. heard there was a tg sex chat
  16. anyone wanna send cute pics :3
  17. out on the first date...
  18. When we make contact boy
  19. My knight in shining armor
  20. I have no pants on
  21. who wants 2 jack off
  22. I HATE MEN
  23. :)))))
  24. i'm so tired =(
  25. 👁️👅👁️
  26. Anyone wanna be my boyfriend
  27. i got 2 feet smaller
  28. PYN if u love me :3
  29. we gonna burn down the tribe like
  31. Queen Lauren finding out her
  32. Goodnight skin knees
  33. Send booty pics
  34. tea..
  35. Snapchat STREAKS...
  36. Who wants to date
  37. How do I get
  38. Who wants to be friends.....
  39. Who wants to get frisky
  40. Some customer grabbed my ass at work todsy

me after getting my ss's posted

6thAug 8, 2018 by s73100


i can’t read it !!
Sent by king_lance,Aug 8, 2018
"You have no life and need to get off Tengaged"
Says the one who still cares about a site he's permed banned on
Sent by GoodKaren,Aug 8, 2018
wow cant believe your voting poor eagle eye in a game
Sent by Kelly0412,Aug 8, 2018
I wish I could read it :(
Sent by Paige54,Aug 8, 2018
there is literally a zoom button when u click the link how can u NOT read it ppl
Sent by FighterMan,Aug 8, 2018
I'm on mobile and it's blurry af Fighterman
Sent by Paige54,Aug 8, 2018
ppl in the comments be like "I CAN'T LIFT IT"
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Aug 8, 2018
Sent by _Adidas_,Aug 9, 2018
it's ok i had a movie to go to
Sent by k4r4k,Aug 9, 2018
“You’re a horrible person”
I know. I am sorry. I know I am
Luvs cortona suggestions
Sent by Fetish,Aug 9, 2018

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