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Support maturo in stars // Fuck you multis :)

3rdMar 1, 2018 by s73100
imageAfter running this game with my ride or die Maturo we've finally been got we've been successfully orchestrating every single set.

If I stay in this game I will continue to run this game. Making it as one of the last 2 unnominated has not been easy at all. I've had evicted house guests calling me the soon to be winner and some even believing I would make it ALL the way unnomminated. I'm not at all sad at how I played the game me and Joe absolutely dominated this shit and i'm glad to call him my bro :) I'll make a v-log soon further describing my game play but from day one I made sure to have good connections with everyone in the house, once there I weeded out the people who I didn't trust nor didn't trust me. Unfortunately I got got and respect is given where respect is deserved I do think this was the best move for the cast and I tried my best and gave it my all and that's all one can ask :)
Good luck Joe :)
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Saved you hun <3 gl!
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This is awkward now
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Omg is that you so cute
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lol ya Arizona_ and thanks
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