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Final stars tribute

Dec 17, 2016 by s73100
16th aquamarine you were #robbed however people were questioning me due to you publicly saying you would never lock me in so in the end I had to protect myself. You are so nice and awesome dude I think people have the wrong impression of you!

15th dane_williams robbed KING however you were the wrong side of the numbers and this really wasn't up to me! You are really nice but people were once again questioning due to our rookies! Thanks for being you!

14th capguy1 rip! You were part of Cody and crays final 3 and that was clear to all! I heard rumors that you were coming after me once final 10 came around! So I was a little worried how loyal you were! But you're really nice and sweet! :D

13th bbdamian we didn't really talk much so ya that's all I really know about you. But you do seem nice and didn't have a mental breakdown unlike others!

12th cbowlay this is the DC where my game started going down hill! I really wish you stayed over cray! You were always so nice and a good loyal member! Thanks for everything but your eviction was my downfall :(

11th icebeast I was so sad at your eviction when you were put up I thought I was 100% up after you but I fought for you! But I think your eviction was the reason I was up rip!! We were going strong for so long! #final4

10th rascity game or not game we were on opposite sides and I know you were having a rough week sucks that things went how they went but you're still a good friend in my book!

9th s73100 I tried to play a loyal game but in the end I was the only one.

8th crayadian I thought so high of you until you randomly showed us your true colors of how much of a cunt you are. Bye glad I was able to lock you in.

7th caliboy we made moves together and stayed together, well in my book. I wasn't sure how loyal you were to me
But I was 100 to you. Good luck! You're awesome don't let the haters get yo you! #final4

6th  jameslu tbh not really sure where you stood all game! An excellent under the radar game but you are very nice you need to get on skype more!

5th  stars375winner I tried talking to you but you often didn't respond but you clearly played well! Yay!

4th kwiens18 I believe you locked me in but that's fine ^_^! You were another one of my top allies! You're super nice and hopefully we can talk in the future if you want?! Haha! #final4

koolness234 you think I didn't trust you, I did until you leaked one of my chats to will and for that reason I never locked with you again! Who knows maybe things would of been different but loyalty is a huge thing for me but in the end you slayed the polls! Gl!

cfff not sure what you did ever except not talk to me when I did first. Gl you're nice.

damo1990 yayayayay!!! Until 13th I wasn't sure where you stand! But after I realized you were an awesome guy and super loyal! You played the best game for sure! Gl in finals!

Thanks for the fun game cast I like 14/15 of you :)
#s7'sfirststarsalliance consisting of me cali Kwiens and ice. Ily all!


It was super fun playing with you Sam and I have no real beef with this cast as it was a hell of a week of misperceptions and adjusting to the new Era of Stars.

It was something Else!
Sent by Caliboy,Dec 17, 2016
P.S Sam I knew I was a Counter with you so I was that one who had to chop and nom you with Damo at 9th to advance my game, but who knew that cost me 7th when we could of not had a split and done Kool/Stars than, but what can you do, The F3 work together and against one another and they are there and we are here.
Sent by Caliboy,Dec 17, 2016
LOL 13th bbdamian we didn't really talk much so ya that's all I really know about you. But you do seem nice and didn't have a mental breakdown unlike others!

This has to be my favourite quote from your tributes , mostly because you were one of the people to actually have a mental breakdown when you got nominated xoxo
Sent by Crayadian,Dec 18, 2016
Lmao of course once people lied about me and you rather believe them
Sent by capguy1,Dec 18, 2016
I love you x:
Sent by iTy990,Dec 18, 2016
I wish we could have made it farther together. I was loyal to who i was with
Sent by Cbowlay,Dec 18, 2016

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