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  37. Have games always greyed out evictees?
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  39. THANK YOU 55.4!!!!!
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need a new #9 friendvote Mar 22, 2018
since stunzer moved me down.
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Stephanie queen of leaving the Mormon religion vote Mar 22, 2018
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Wes // Bluejay7622 (My #1 β™‘) 🌚 Mar 17, 2018
Hey friends and haters, I just felt the need to write and share about the happiest I've felt in a long time. But first I feel like I need to give a little background on my life, I've been raised in the Mormon church my entire life, after going to church every Sunday going to weekly activities and meetings being told that gays are "going to hell and disgusting Satan followers" I've always known that I was gay..

so basically tonight I went with 6 of my friends to dinner and a movie, just casual talk -- I just felt like I wanted to come out for some reason I had never told anyone before and all my friends are Mormons WHO believe in god and whatever, I ran to the bathroom and messaged some people I talked to a lot maturo bamold1999 thumper91 robertguajardo and basically just asked for advice lol. So basically they started talking about love Simon (we were seeing it later) and how excited they were to see it, I felt like it was my moment I just said "I'm gay". Here I was expecting the worst but hoping for
The best the response felt like an eternity until they all almost in unison seemed to lovingly embrace me. I've never ever felt so happy in my entire life y'all I no longer feel like I'm hiding who I am from my friends and I feel like I can be the person I want to around them. If you read this all then you're awesome! If you didn't that's cool but I'm sure you're cool as well! Have a lovely night! ☺️ sorry this is cheesy and long as shit.
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Good morning ☺️ Mar 11, 2018
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Titty burrito is one of the biggest babies Mar 8, 2018
on this  site. Besides having tits bigger than the southern tip of Africa you literally make one joke about him and he cries like the little bitch that he is and kicks you from chats :'( hun you're like 35 and kicking teenagers out of Skype chats it's time to get a job.
Keep posting ur hairy cave of Madagascar over TG
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Support maturo in stars // Fuck you multis :) Mar 1, 2018
imageAfter running this game with my ride or die Maturo we've finally been got we've been successfully orchestrating every single set.

If I stay in this game I will continue to run this game. Making it as one of the last 2 unnominated has not been easy at all. I've had evicted house guests calling me the soon to be winner and some even believing I would make it ALL the way unnomminated. I'm not at all sad at how I played the game me and Joe absolutely dominated this shit and i'm glad to call him my bro :) I'll make a v-log soon further describing my game play but from day one I made sure to have good connections with everyone in the house, once there I weeded out the people who I didn't trust nor didn't trust me. Unfortunately I got got and respect is given where respect is deserved I do think this was the best move for the cast and I tried my best and gave it my all and that's all one can ask :)
Good luck Joe :)
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