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My Latest Single Release!

1stJul 23, 2019 by ryan5676
Rosemuletreturns you brought the music on this sight and I am going to go public with people from TSC knowing about it but I am showing my Songs which I am going to release and the first one was released back in May and the other one was released just now!

It's available on youtube and you can hear it if you want to and I'm putting both of them here so everyone can listen to them and also thanks to everyone who saved me in Stars and this is for the people who saved me in that poll even though I'm no longer in the game.

Ryan Brown - "Playing Your Game"

Ryan Brown - "Rainy Day"


YAS we love a publicity stunt
Sent by Insanity,Jul 23, 2019
Sent by QueenMichelle,Jul 23, 2019
LOL, love it
Sent by Zurks,Jul 23, 2019
I need you to post your smash hit about Timster
Sent by etaco75,Jul 23, 2019
my impact oop
Sent by rosemuletreturns,Jul 23, 2019
if you did produce this though that's pretty impressive ngl
Sent by rosemuletreturns,Jul 23, 2019
Thanks Rosemuletreturns and I just wanted to produce the best quality music and I'm happy that you are back on Tengaged and hopefully we see more music from you
Sent by ryan5676,Jul 24, 2019
Aw ty! We will :)
Sent by rosemuletreturns,Jul 24, 2019

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