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Star Showdown S1 APPLY NOW!!!!!

Jan 25, 2019 by ryan5676
imageThis is an original music group game for Artists that have few live performances to be able to take part in needing only a maximum of 3 performances.

Users can apply up to 3 Acts with their 2 performances but only a maximum of 36 can be entered. The judges will rank 6 acts daily with deciding which performance shall be ranked. The 16 with the highest combined rankings with the 16 judges will move to the Knockout Stage where they will be revealed at the end of each episode with who they are facing.

The 16 Artists who are the top ranked one another in the Top 16, Top 8 and the Top 4. will decide which of the 2 performances you entered would be performed in the battle and the judges will divide their 100 points between the 2 and allowed to only say a maximum of 10 words about each performance. The Artist with the most points will move on to the next round and this would keep happening till we have our 2 Finalists.

The 6 Artists who got beaten by the 2 Finalists would enter this stage to become the 3rd Finalist. The Artists who got knocked out in the Top 16 and Top 8 will battle it each other with the same format used and the winner of those match ups will face the Artists knocked out in the Top 4. Then the 2 winners of those match ups will face each other and the winner of that will become the 3rd Finalist.

Before this the 2 Finalists and the 6 Artists taking part in The Road To The Final must submit their Final Performance which must be new since both of these will take place on the same day. The 3 Finalists will perform their new performance with the judges allowed to say as much as they want and would divide their 100 points between the 3 of them. The winner will be the Artist which has the most points.


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