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I Just Won Stars!!!!!!!

1stJan 20, 2019 by ryan5676
OMG I didn't think I would enter Stars in my lifetime let alone win it. At the start I didn't know anything about it and then I learned and here I am as a winner!

This was an amazing experience and I would recommend people to try it out and if you think that you don't stand a chance, just look at me and you can see that anything can happen!

I would like to mention @bibbles and the other Brit members for giving me this opportunity after winning the Stars seat game so that I can be here. To @Passionfruit @HungergamesWin234 @EliOrtiz1234 @BARBARAyADARA @BibaBenja @lexeyjane thansk for your support and for helping me with this win.

And I would like to thank the people who voted for me in the comments:


Can i borrow your multis when i join stars next?
Sent by Kaylabby,Jan 20, 2019
you deserved it king
Sent by FrenchMaid,Jan 20, 2019
Kaylabby never underestimate group game support
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Jan 20, 2019
Congrats i was a vote for you
Sent by Spiderhitler,Jan 20, 2019
Well done buddie! The DoctorDonna would be proud!
Sent by dandoe,Jan 20, 2019
Yay! Congrats Ryan!
Sent by TommyD,Jan 20, 2019
Congrats! I thought I commented that I voted you to win though lol
Sent by boicam77,Jan 20, 2019
congrats ryan
Sent by bibbles,Jan 20, 2019
YESSS! Ryan, So happy for you...I know you were exhausted from the game and it really paid off in the end. Good job :)
Sent by Tammy214,Jan 20, 2019
Congrats! 馃挏
Sent by MsLea,Jan 20, 2019
Sent by skyler1822,Jan 20, 2019
Congrats Ryan!! Very well deserved <333
Sent by chris2pei,Jan 20, 2019
Congrats on the win, Ryan5676, well deserved. 馃榿
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jan 21, 2019
Very well deserved:)
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Jan 21, 2019
Sent by Katherinee_,Jan 21, 2019
Congrats Ryan! SOrry this was late.  I'm really happy for you
Sent by supercooldrew5,Jan 21, 2019
U rock
Sent by blogs,Jan 21, 2019

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