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PYN GEN 2 Celebrity Survivor: The Australian Outback (RESULTS)

Feb 10, 2019 by rozlyn
Celebrity Survivor: The Australian Outback

Rob Gronkowski Christian_
Tom Brady sprtsgy1989
Gary Busey mathboy9
Jeff Probst Daulton7996
Bob Barker TMAN54445
T.R. Knight Runaway
Ross Mathews CrimsonEnnui
Alex Pettyfer Saftronbtr999

Drew Barrymore coreyants
Billie Eilish Java9044
Danielle "Bhad Bhabie" Bregoli BigBrother_78
Grace Park NicoleF
Katee Sackhoff NewNightmare7
Amber Tamblyn HannahCallaghan
Sarah Michelle Gellar SAWCHUK55
Vanessa Williams Runaway

Brantsteele Link —

— Another great season, I really liked this one.
— Sad that Drew Barrymore couldn't work it out.
— Three Words: Miss. Helen. Shivers.
— I really wanted Grace Park to win.
— I think the men were flops this season so I hope next seasons the males are better.
— Blondes clearly do it better.
— Rob Gronkowski was pushed. So was Vanessa Williams.
— LOL at Probst flopping, too.
— Season 3 next!


Amber Tamblyn, 9th Place, after leading discussions during the “Time’s Up” movement all 2018, Amber Tamblyn opted to try her luck at Celebrity Survivor. Coming into the game, she immediately bonded with Drew Barrymore and Jeff Probst, the two players she viewed as the strongest allies. Together, after adding Billie Eilish and Gary Busey, the five controlled the early stages of the game, despite being on a very weak tribe, only winning one of the pre-merger challenges. Amber often times was vocal against Rob, who constantly barked orders at the others, and Gary, whom she found repulsive. Despite this, and also after losing Gary and Billie, she, Drew, and Jeff advanced into the merge with a 3-7 disadvantage. When Jeff became the final pre-jury member, Amber and Drew attempted to create tension with the tribe, with Amber revealing info other players had told her. Despite these efforts — and partly due to Drew winning immunity — Amber was voted off in ninth place and became jury member one.

Drew Barrymore, 8th Place, likely the biggest name in the cast, came to the Australian Outback and was instantly the fan favorite. Everyone on her tribe liked her and she also proved to be a vital asset to the team. Her keen eye to detail helped them in their puzzle making skills and her desire to never give up was such a motivation for them. Despite this, however, Drew was on a tribe that could never find their footing. Going to tribal council a total of five times pre-merge, Drew was forced to put her game into high gear, becoming the self-delegated leader of the alliance between she, Amber Tamblyn, Billie Eilish, Gary Busey, and Jeff Probst. After having to eat their own in the form of Gary and Billie, she sailed into the merge with Jeff and Amber. The trio attempted to find cracks but to no avail. Drew, however, showed why she was one of only three from Ogakor to survive as she won the first two individual immunities, painting an even bigger target on herself. After seeing her tribesmates Amber and Jeff be banished, she was the last Ogakor player standing. In an attempt to find cracks, she reminded everyone of Grace’s paranoia and even though some of the Kucha’s attempted to take the bait, they ultimately stuck together and when she failed to win immunity, Drew was the next in line to go and she was voted off in eighth as the second jury member. 

Tom Brady, 6th Place, the NFL superstar, Tom Brady came to the Australian Outback and everyone knew he would do well. Instantly, a tribal rivalry was formed with Kucha and Ogakor as his teammate, Rob Gronkowski was pit against him. When Rob flopped, Tom then put his focus on leading his tribe into the merge with the numbers. And he certainly did as such, being one of the leaders on his tribe in challenges for most of the pre-merge and providing food for his tribe around camp. He formed a tight alliance with TR Knight, Danielle Bregoli, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Katee Sackhoff and the five were able to advance into the merge together. Tom, however, was never able to grab his footing on the strategical aspect of the game to be able to see his alliance secretly plotted his ousting all merge. Sarah and Katee, the final two duo, admitted that Tom would need to go first once the Ogakor’s were out. Tom continued, however, to provide for his tribe and not open his eyes to see he was in hot water. After Katee was unable to secure the votes at the top seven, her backup planned led Tom into blindsiding Danielle with them to build trust and despite almost winning the final six immunity, Tom himself became the next player blindsided for fear he’d win the final immunities in the game, landing him with sixth.

Grace Park, 5th Place, one of the older players of the game, came out to the Australian Outback and was instantly banded the fish-out-of-water. Not being able to completely connect with her tribe due to her constant complaining of the conditions, Grace often sulked about the fact that she was never included in strategical discussions. She often mocked the fact that she knew she was a sitting duck after Bob Barker was the first person voted off and everyone else seemed to like each other. But Grace was able to get lucky each round her tribe won immunity and she realized she needed to attempt to turn things around. Refocusing on her social game, Grace began to build connections with her tribe, notably Sarah who apologized for not taking time herself to connect with her. The two formed a secret bond, with Sarah hoping to drag Grace to the end as a goat and Grace genuinely trusting her. When Grace and her tribe stunningly won five immunity challenges to advance to the merge with 7 players, her game was suddenly looking up. She helped oust the rest of Kucha leading to the top seven. In this vote, Katee and Sarah convinced Grace to stick with them to oust Tom but when the votes weren’t there, she was not included — nor was Sarah — on the new plan to blindside Danielle. Going into the top six, Grace realized she was yet again on the bottom. But when Sarah won immunity, she was able to convince the others of Tom’s physique and Grace was spared for one round longer. At the final five, when Sarah won another immunity, Grace finally had no place to hide as the other four had been closer the entire game and despite a last ditch effort for a female top three — which Katee did agree to —, the players ousted Grace in fifth and she was jury member five.

Alex Pettyfer, 4th Place, one of the younger players in the game, Alex Pettyfer came to the Australian Outback and proved to be one of the biggest physical forces in the game, being one of the reasons Kucha excelled greatly in the challenges. Despite this, however, Alex was never included in the majority alliances and spent most of his early game isolated from the others. He was the target should Kucha had lost an immunity, however, he was able to get lucky and advance to the merge with his tribe. During this time, Alex worked to build trust and socialize with the other players, knowing once Ogakor was gone he could potentially be the first to leave. But Alex got lucky on another front, when it was Kucha, after not being able to attend tribal council together for a long time, slowly began turning on each other — Katee secretly wanting Sarah and Tom out all game, Danielle telling everyone of her end game plans, and Sarah being a puppeteer in the orders — he was no longer seen as the bigger threat but instead an asset, as he was included on the blindsides of Danielle and Tom thanks to Katee’s grooming. At the final five, he had no real loyalties aside from those whom he had helped in their plans. When Sarah and T.R., who had formed a new final two, opted to get Grace out next, they used Alex to help but when he failed to win the final four immunity, he was viewed as the biggest physical threat going into the final challenge and he was ousted, never truly getting a footing on his game and becoming the sixth jury member.

Katee Sackhoff, 3rd Place, hit the ground running as she entered the Australian Outback, instantly playing her social game strong and gettin along with everyone on her tribe, mostly Bob Barker, someone she felt was a father figure. But after Kucha lost the first challenge she had to heartbreakingly banish Bob, she realized she could no longer put her emotions into the game. With this new mindset, she quickly formed a final two alliance with Sarah Michelle Gellar, someone she felt would be the best shield for her that could be blindsided later. The duo added Tom Brady, Danielle Bregoli, and T.R. Knight to the mix and held majority. The five — along with Grace Park and Alex Pettyfer — dominated the challenges and sailed into the merge seven strong. Katee, however, was always thinking. Letting Sarah Michelle Gellar lead the vote discussions and get the blood on her hand, Katee was slowly building her end game plans. She formed fake final two alliances with Alex and Grace and used them both to help with her plans. After Danielle and Tom were blindsided, Katee realized she needed to cut her goats in fear the jury would be bitter towards the bigger players and they ended up in 5th and 4th, respectively. This, as many fans agreed, costing her the game, as they could both have been used to oust Sarah. Her ultimate plan had almost worked — all she needed to do was win the final immunity and vote off Sarah. But when T.R. won, Katee was unable to convince him that Sarah was the bigger threat and she no longer held power. She then realized she had let her emotions yet again blur her game as many times she initially wanted to vote Sarah off but Sarah had convinced her of their friendship being true. In the end, T.R. opted to keep Sarah and Katee was voted off in third as the final jury member, one round short of achieving her dream.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sole Survivor, one of the best in the cast, Helen Shivers baby, came to the Australian Outback and instantly began playing the game. As a super-fan, she knew what to do and what not to do to succeed in the game. She broke the cardinal rule early on, however, and was forced into a role of leadership within her alliance. Despite on the surface appearing liked by all of them, Danielle Bregoli, Alex Pettyfer, Grace Park, Tom Brady, and T.R. Knight all viewed her as the biggest threat and wanted her gone. Katee Sackhoff was her only true friend but even she knew a player like Sarah should not be someone to sit against. Despite this, Sarah landed on a very successful tribe and seven of them advanced into the merge — and were the final seven. Sarah continued to lead the votes thanks in part to her immunity wins to help her feel secure all the while her demise being secretly planned but foiled each round she wore the necklace. When she didn’t have the necklace, she was able to convince the others of bigger threats — such as Tom Brady. Her social game was the thing going for her, however, as she was able to — all the while being unaware of the real intentions — talk Katee out of blindsiding her. She knew Katee played emotionally and she used this to her advantage knowing Katee would ultimately never turn on a friend. When Sarah won critical immunities, she was able to successfully take out the rest of Kucha leading into the final three with she, T.R., and Katee. Despite almost winning, she failed to obtain the final necklace, losing to T.R.. Despite Katee almost convincing T.R. that Sarah had played the better game, he opted to oust Katee and took Sarah to the end where the jury agreed with Katee and viewed Sarah’s game as more prominent throughout and T.R.’s as half-assed. Sarah became the second Sole Survivor in a 5-2 vote.


not surprised this bitch rigs it for helen shivers....
Sent by Latisha0987,Feb 10, 2019
Latisha0987 it was not rigged this was the first go round I did just as always.
Sent by rozlyn,Feb 10, 2019
Billie was robbed
Sent by Java9044,Feb 10, 2019

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