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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stApr 17, 2021 by rowjone
For the most brilliant thing about you <3
(this blog is in no way associated with my participation in stars and anyone to suggest this will face legal prosecution)

#washed_ravioli I love how laid back you are, we can backstab each other sm in games but when the games done neither of us are gonna mind too much what happened in the game

#amandabynes Well first I dont like how u were gonna join this stars and then u didnt, very hmmm behaviour, but tbh u seem like a bit of a joker who dosent take the site too serious and i do rate that

#abrogated idk what it is i do just like you, I feel once you get in your head you like someone your very committed to it and i can definitely respect that

#manafa KING looool i love when you get HOH in frooks and just no one is safe and how you just do a running commentary of who you might nom, also loved the porto shirt you put in auctions, would defo have bid if i didnt think you wanted it for yourself

#cheritaisdelicious i just love how we can definitely get with each other one day even if there is a 16 years or so age gap

#rickdev idk you too well we only played one frooks together and i kinda came after you but you seem like a v chilled guy who dosent take the games too seriously and i always enjoy when people like you pop up in games

#3pi14159 well i hate how ur username is a bitch for when im doing these pyns, but tbh ur chill and easy to talk to, dont take the games over seriously and even if some might not like it, the effort youve put into PFL has defo made frooks more interesting

#bengalboy top lad, knows what the craic is, one of the fellas on the site who i can rely on to always have a witty response to any enquires and always have some banter with

#colehausman271 not something i necessarily like like about you but whenver were in frooks together i always know we might ally and we might not, but we both will usually get far and itll make the game challenging but in a fun way

#yawnha loool i love how you like winding people up in a similar way to me but i also rate the loyalty you show in games

#times_places we didnt know each other before casts but tbh you seem like a guy i want to see in a long game as you always interesting to have a talk with and you dont take the games serious you just seem like your in it for some fun

#blahblahblahblah your tits...

but for really i love how friendly you are like when you just joined my charity for no reason and then i joined your frat and now were good friends, but also your not boring whenever i see you in a game ik theres gonna be some decent patter in it

#jonob your just one of those blokes whos easy to get along with, your nice but you also have a personality which dosent just revolve around being nice

amazingbrick Alex! I love just how chill our games are, i feel we're pretty close in games but theres also no hard feeling if we blindside each other which is kinda rare especially in frooks

kindred7 nothing... but tbh ur the only tengager i chat to on a daily basis so i guess you must be at least a little interesting

sosyomomma i barely know you ngl but whenever i see you on the blogs page you always seem like a decent bit of craic and someone who can enjoy the site without it being too serious

tommeh208 ENGLISH KING love the stars assessment we did together and i kinda like you for the same reasons as everyone else, your nice and entertaining and you an interesting bloke whos easy to get along with

zacped lmaooo i love our frooks rivalry which is based on nothing, its nice to have someone who i always go after in frooks and always comes for me but its never too serious

woeisme ly john your probs my second closest mate on the site even if we dont talk all the time and your someone i can always turn to if i need to chat about something

coreyants loool i havent seen you around much since ive been back but i remember you being so dedicated to hilary clinton back in the day and i kinda admire your commitment to any cause you feel worthy

survivor8 like your sense of humour on the blogs page, it seems very dry a lot of the time which i like because most of this site dont seem to do too well with dry humour

stanleyhouseseven you are just my number 1 guy on the site, we've known each other for years and just knowing we can not message for months and it wont affect our friendship in anway

phonee king, love the way you big me up and your always fun to play frooks with and ik your almost certainly gonna be loyal

heavenlee always fun to see you in games because you one of those people whos chill and fun to play with but ik your not gonna be boring and the game with actually be interesting

hong well i guess if i had to say something it would be i do enjoy how you always have something to say in games and the conversation is never dry when your online

hints Idk how you do it but I love your ability to literally backstab anyone in a game and for some reason no ones ever that mad at you about it

iicreazygx again your just one of those people whos fun to be in games with and we can work together but if end up backstabbing each other we're still chill with each other

keefe LEGEND you were the first of my new friends who ive made since i came back to the site and i do love how me you and #austinrules6969 can literally run any 13 post if were all in it together

skyler1822 your one of those people who i think is quite popular but you never seem to let it get to your head and your never hard to talk to
What I dont like about you bonus: when me you and #christossss were in a fasting a couple months ago and we were the only actives and you still voted me out and took an inact to f3 instead lmaoooo

firex we havent played much but i remember that fastings we played a few weeks ago which was actually so much fun and we nearly got such a good f3 but pov screwed it and algo did you dirty

hamburgerbunzz you another one of those people whos chill and fun to play frooks with but tbh my fav thing about you is 100% your cowboy hate and the gifs that come with it

honalulue we havent really spoke before but from what i see on the blogs page you seem like you would be easy to get along with in a game and the kinda friendliness vibe you give off in general

islandman22 king, i love the amount of first hoh charities you participate in and the amount of boosting youve given the t$ economy

spikedcurley love how you are part of the best frat on this site, but also you another person whos interesting to speak to in games and we never have to find something to talk about

tbrown_47 the encourgament you gave me when we had crypto day in that castings ages ago and now my money i put in has ended up doubling

MastaManipulator_11 i love how whenever we're in a frooks together i dont have to worry about getting 13th as you always seem to end up getting it lmaoo

seaking we've never really interacted but when i clicked on your profile i found you bio quite aesthetically pleasing so i do rate that

brookie_cookie your friendlisness for sure, like we dk each other too well but you always seem v sound on the blogs page

jaxon of all the people ive called big dog your the only one its stuck to and dont underestimate how much respect i know have for you because of that

smi9127 I love how we didnt know each other, joined the same frooks and allied, i backstabbed you and we just became good friends just off of that

isandeh your someone with some decent patter and i rate ur sense of humour and work ethic, both of which i think are similar to mine

ShaneDawson12345 this blog

matte how you just decided to email everyone the noms in the ultimate stars even when you were evicted


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wow can't pass this up
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lmaoooooooo though <3
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I literally don't even remember playing a fasting with you tbh LMAO rowjone
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me pls bestie
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