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So one of my best friends is mad at me

Nov 12, 2018 by rory17
We both work together (at Tim Hortons if you didn't see my vlog or my other blogs) with her. She was in Atlanta for the weekend, so she couldn't work and get her schedule for this week. My phone's camera has been fucking up lately, so I record my schedule on my notes app (how fucking stupid).

I decide to be nice and take a picture of the schedule during my shift today to send to her (my camera was acting fine then), so that she doesn't have to take time out of her day and get it herself. About 10 minutes after I sent the schedule, hear "RORY, YOU FUCKING DUMB BITCH". Her dumbass is walking through the door at lightning speed and starts to cuss me out? And WHY? She was on her way from the airport to the restaurant to take a picture of the schedule for herself.

So here we are, me behind the counter and her cussing me out with everyone staring. I am on shift, so I can't do much besides smile (but don't get it twisted, if I was off shift, my ass would have gotten loud). She storms out the restaurant and I decide to text her and be like "All you had to say was thank you" and she then got mad for throwing this "situation" back on her.

Damn ma, it's a schedule. It's not that deep. All you had to do was thank you. Like am I wrong here or something? Am I missing a point?


ur name is rory
Sent by ItsAlexia,Nov 12, 2018
You aren't wrong.
Sent by WhateverTheF,Nov 12, 2018
She sounds awful
Sent by Allene,Nov 12, 2018
LOOOOL she sounds stupid
Sent by rollingderp,Nov 12, 2018

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