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Work today was a NIGHTMARE

Nov 11, 2018 by rory17
I work at Tim Hortons and this lady comes through the drive-thru at about 11:30 AM EST, asking for a 2 for $4 breakfast sandwiches. This promo means you can get a sausage, egg, and cheese on either an english muffin or a PLAIN bagel. So this lady starts having a panic attack because she can't get a 2 for $4 on a croissant. We told her a good 3 times we couldn't do that for her, and she sped off.

I thought "....Huh. She's just a weirdo who won't be getting anything". I was wrong. She stops at the drive-thru window and decides to order something. That is 100% fine. She said she wants 2 sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, one on a SESAME bagel and one on an EVERYTHING bagel. So I did that. I charged her normal price for it instead of the 2 for $4. Why? The 2 for $4 is for a PLAIN BAGEL ONLY. We told her this at least 7 times when she was in the drive-thru. I give her the food. Perfect! She's gone!

On top of her being uncooperative, she was very rude. WAIT THOUGH, I'm not done. So my shift ended at 1 and it was about 12:57 and who walks in? THE RUDE ASS CUSTOMER (obviously, who else do you think it would be?). So she is screaming at my supervisor and pointing at me for charging her too much for her "2 for $4". Like baby girl, we told your ass 500 times you can only get a plain bagel for 2 for $4.

So I was told I am expecting a call later to talk about the issue with my boss. GREAT.


Haha unlucky rory17! Reminds me of a little story of my own! As some of you may know I work in a store and for all it's worth, it's worth it.

Today I was working the tills when suddenly a silhouetted figure approached the door, and as much as I squinted, I couldn't quite make out who the man of mystery was. It was like a scene from a western as the elusive figure tipped his baseball cap forward and tucked his thumbs in his belt as he approached the till.

"Well I'll be." I thought to myself. I looked him up and down and realised it was none other than notorious high school bully, Big Bad Bertie "The Bloke" Bensinger IV. He had given me absolute HELL through my high school years, partaking in such acts as calling my mum a 'strawberry milkshake', hanging kitchen utensils off my nose and tying my shoelaces together when they were out of my peripheral vision so when I began to walk, I'd make a muddle of it and trip over myself.

I decided to keep my cool, and as he told me what he wanted I quickly fetched it for him and gave him the price. "That's 57p, please." I said, with a cold, collected stare plastered across my face. He smirked as he handed over £1. I could tell what the barstool was thinking. He thinks he's got me again. Well not this time. This time, things were gonna be different.

As I rang in his transaction, I went to get his change, and he watched my fingers closely as they slowly skimmed past the 20ps, glided over the 10ps and zoomed past the 5ps. The look on his face turned into one of absolute horror as my fingers gently slipped past the 2ps. The revenge train had reached its last stop. The 1 pennies.

He looked awkward and fidgety as I scooped up his change entirely in 1ps and handed it to him. "There you go sir. Have a nice day." I said, winking. He knew it was over. He may have won the battle, but 5 years later I had won the war. He scurried out the store, zipping up his dodgy tracksuit as much as possible and hanging his cap over his face to hide his shame, and as he did the rest of the customers turned to him, raised their fists in the air and started chanting "YOU GOT SERVED! YOU GOT SERVED!"

Another moment of victory for The Sternemeister. I flexed my muscle to the rest of the customers before carrying on with my job. I sure showed him, I did!
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BengalBoy So when is the signing for the peace treaty happening? I'll be there.
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