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Thank you 48.8%

4thOct 1, 2018 by rory17
imageLet's get to the basics: There is a psychotic man in power in this stars game. And his name you may ask? Dylan Halloween. He has been controlling this game out of his own ignorance and stupidity. One thing I promise to do is if you save me, I will try and give you a power flip this stars cast hasn't experienced yet. I tried to dethrone this terrible witch, but he decided to pull shit tonight and here I am writing this blog, drinking an off-brand Monster Energy.

Now enough with the toxicity for now, let's get onto my stars game play. I have tried so hard to prove to myself that I have a brain and can navigate throughout the game by the help of others. I have met a couple people I would have never even thought about talking to or working with and I am so happy I got the opportunity to meet them. This game has been very eventful from explosive arguments to flips in noms to just the whole cast. I want to thank everyone in this cast for making it so eventful and stressful (even though stress is the last thing I need). I am not here for you to pity me, I am not here for you to hate me. I just want you to respect my will to play and keep going. All saves are appreciated!

Also, maturo told me to shade him, so here it is...........Joe, you're ugly.

Save me in stars! If you save me, I will make a shout out post later. Just mail me and tell me you saved me or type it in the public comments! Thank you!:


Why Don't You Talk Like This?
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Negged because maturo is beautiful
Sent by astone929,Oct 1, 2018
astone929 :(
Sent by rory17,Oct 1, 2018
Saved you!!! Go get Dylan!!!!!
Sent by bbfan1074,Oct 1, 2018
bbfan1074 <33
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