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CORRECT Disney Park Rankings

Mar 5, 2018 by rory17
1. Magic Kingdom
2. Hollywood Studios (with American Idol)
3. Epcot
4. Downtown Disney/Disney Springs (even though this isn't a park)
5. Hollywood Studios (without American Idol)
6. My ass after eating The Kitchen Sink at The Beach Club (It's big enough to be a park tbh)
7. Animal Kingdom




Animal kingdom is T H E W O R S T
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Mar 5, 2018
When was the last time you went rory17
Sent by jwbrine,Mar 5, 2018
kaseyhope101 FOR REAL! Worst park. The only good rides are Mount Everest Dinosaur and the animals are boring
Sent by rory17,Mar 5, 2018
jwbrine Last year
Sent by rory17,Mar 5, 2018
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Mar 5, 2018
ok stop theyre all great i love animal kingdom
Sent by temponeptune,Mar 5, 2018
this list is WRONG
Sent by Analiese,Mar 6, 2018

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