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  1. Unpopular opinions: Tengaged Edition
  2. CBBUS Current Rankings
  3. Did you really think
  4. What do maturo and the liberty bell have in..
  5. Today was such a good day until
  6. Current CBBUS Rankings
  7. New Taylor > Old Taylor
  8. Current CBBUS Rankings
  9. I could eat sushi
  10. Bodak Yellow is so good
  11. Unpopular opinions #5
  12. NOBODY
  13. I need
  14. Add for add anyone?
  15. You can always support everyone
  16. CBBUS Rankings
  17. 2evolution
  18. Oh Mahogany, Mahogany
  19. Since nobody can say how they feel on this site
  20. Okay
  21. One last thing before I'm done wasting my breath..
  22. At the end of the day,
  23. Okay, so here's the thing.
  24. Whenever I smell cinnamon
  25. Can someone gift me
  27. Why are the points so low today
  28. I cummed in the middle of class today...
  29. Sometimes
  30. Billboard Hot 100 Big Brother (Winner Reveal)
  31. Billboard Hot 100 Big Brother (Finale)
  33. 1/4 of Tengaged is so nice
  34. Btw, if someone has an opinion
  35. I love
  36. The only good singers
  37. Qveen Herby
  38. This CBBUS cast
  39. MORE MORE MORE Unpopular opinions
  40. 2 truths, 1 lie


Feb 8, 2018 by rory17
is the WEIRDEST person ever. He keeps tagging me on his blogs randomly to troll and comments on EVERY single one of my blogs. Weirdos these days. Get off my dick.



You have no dick.
Sent by 2Evolution,Feb 8, 2018

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