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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Should I get TG shut down?

Jul 21, 2018 by ronnie336
I work at Lionsgate in their Games department and I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy about a site profiting off of their IP.



How is Tengaged profiting off of there IP?
Sent by iTy990,Jul 21, 2018
do it for the drama
Sent by Girllover101,Jul 21, 2018
do it please
Sent by sk9ergal,Jul 21, 2018
iTy990 TG is a profitable site and they are using Lionsgate IP (The Hunger Games) as something that makes the site profitable.
Sent by ronnie336,Jul 21, 2018
Don't ruin it for others :/ some of us don't even play that.
Sent by WestTemp,Jul 21, 2018

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