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ok what are tips to do well in zoo Jun 9, 2018
I may have to play in survivor and I'm truly the worst

Edit: Still did horrible but any score is better than no score!!! thriving!!!

Edit 2: got voted out, maybe not thriving :(
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Question Nov 25, 2017
What is the "ask me" section of the blogs page now?
Points: 32 2 comments
some of these VMR intro's Dec 5, 2016
are literally the dumbest, most unplanned, and vile intros i have ever seen in my life
Points: 25 5 comments
well I decided to join hunger Jul 1, 2016
after months of inactivity. RIP me
Points: 7 3 comments
brow skin please! Feb 5, 2016
I'll gift you when I have T$!
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BROW SKIN PLEASE!!!! Feb 4, 2016
gifting back ASAP!
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