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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hey avalon

Mar 12, 2017 by riseuplotus
People think we are Multis still
I love it

I love you. I wish I could sign onto your account right now to confirm their theory. Sadly I'm not your multi but I'm definitely your biggest fan and will GLADLY pretend to be your multi because it's funny as fuck.

All the Multis need to go back to Brazil where they're from. Ruining the website with all your cheating just to make a f3 in a fastings. PATHETIC


riseuplotus omfgggg I miss you xo
Sent by Avalon,Mar 12, 2017
And lmao daisyjane openly using Multis saying she was in a game with me and Avalon but on 6 different accounts. Crazy Brazilian cunt.
I don't filter anybody because I ain't a scared pussy bitch like ur BRAZILIAN ass
Sent by riseuplotus,Mar 12, 2017

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