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Random Survivor Dec 10, 2017
Looking for 16 people, chart included!
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Hmm Nov 16, 2017
Why did Desi vote for Lauren?

Also if the healers all voted together Ben would've left.
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Confirmed Merge Boot Nov 5, 2017
Mike gets voted out.

Joe plays his idol on Cole, and they blindside Mike with the idol in his pocket.
The preview shows Joe talking to Cole about "he's trying to flip on you" (referring to Mike) so Joe Jessica Cole and Desi vote for Mike and the rest vote for Cole

Stupid move to get rid of a Healer but that's what they decided
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Survivor new tribes? Oct 12, 2017
will it be 3 tribes of 5?
or 2 tribes of 7 and one person exiled?
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Paul wins 9-0 Sep 20, 2017
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Josh... Sep 20, 2017
all season knew how paul was playing and didnt take his shot at him. oh my what an idiot
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