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PYN for why you should be banned

Dec 3, 2017 by rfkfdr
This is all a joke and is not real, so don’t get upset

Mathboy9 -You say some things that might offend some people. Just saying

MickieJames22 -Maybe you ARE Charlie Day, that would cause total pandemonium on Tengaged

Paige5459 -You may be GoodKaren multi, or start using Paige54 again

Dukeyy -IDK wth you are

Wade03 -Maybe you are a multi with other notable tv stars

anthousai -Honestly idk

GoodKaren -Maybe you are multis with all your “fans”



lol hey boo
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 3, 2017
Sent by Mickiejames22,Dec 3, 2017
Sent by Paige5459,Dec 3, 2017
Sent by Dukeyy,Dec 3, 2017
Sent by Wade03,Dec 3, 2017
me trammppp
Sent by ninaboninacrown,Dec 3, 2017
Sent by anthousai,Dec 3, 2017
Sent by GoodKaren,Dec 3, 2017
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 3, 2017
Sent by fuckshroom,Dec 3, 2017
lol me
Sent by ParvatiS,Dec 3, 2017
my irrelevant noob ass plz!
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Dec 4, 2017
Sent by FireX,Dec 4, 2017

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