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so... May 5, 2018
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Big Brother PYN Jan 28, 2018
There will be a big brother game in the format of BB18. You will need to be moderately active, if you don’t vote, you get a strike, three strikes you’re out

Comment below to be enrolled


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Interactive Survivor Game Jan 28, 2018
Comment below a survivor player you would like to play as. For this game you will need to be moderately active. If you don’t vote, you get a strike, three strikes you’re out


-Cirie Fields ( Mikasa)
-JT Thomas ( AdamLovesEverything)

-Eddie Fox ( Latisha0987)

-Parvati Shallow ( aria_grande)

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nominate Jan 14, 2018
5 former survivor players per person for a voted on poll for who to return for a branstelle survivor all returnee season.

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all survivor seasons ranked Jan 7, 2018
disclaimer: i enjoy all but one season so if it sounds like i'm ranting on a season just know it is only per survivor standards

35. thailand- a dumb twist, bitter cast, and pagonging all makes for the worst season of survivor imo

34. nicaragua- people call this a popularity contest and i'm really not one to disagree. it had some fun charactors but all are overshadowed by the worst casting choice ever who gets way to much screen time. NAONKA!

33. one world- colton is the premerge and he sucks. the post merge is a pagonging and i hate jay so much. he screwed things up so hard for the men (the most idiodic tribe ever)

32. heroes vs healers vs hustlers- i did a rant on this last week. read that if you want to know my thoughts

31. redemption island- often viewed as the worst season in survivor history and i get why. there is a pagonging and it is legitamatly uncomfortable. rob is the only real player. if your wondering what saves this from the bottom it's the premiere and merge episode which are both really good.

30. vanuatu- annoying cast annoying season

29. china- more annoying people. only ahead of vanuatu because the james vote is amazing

28. gabon- mini almost pagonging. everyone is annoying and really no standout episodes.

27. africa- fun cast. fun rewards. i love lex and big tom. rigged unintentionally at the end and there is alot of dead time/filler

26. san juan del sur- simalar to nicaragua but more fun. i like the cast enough, the josh jeremy fued was fun and natalie is a great winner with some cool blindsites (wes, jon, john)

25. borneo- pagonging but so unique and fun charactor moments. only problem other than pagonging is alot of stupidity from everyone not named richard hatch

24. palau- irrelevant premerge but ultimatly a great cast and great post merge. one more negative is the opening twist is the worst in survivor history

23. all stars- a really annoying winner bias and everyone who the audience was supposed to root for went home super early or right at the merge with the exception of big tom. though there are alot of fun boots.

22. fiji- terrible twist with the haves vs the have nots. however, i think that is really the only reason that people consider this a bottom tear season (though that is a HUGE negative). the four horsemen were fun and i love yau man and also like earl. rocky and lisi were alot of fun. a very cast driven season

21. koah rong- the pre swap is terrible with cruel bullying and a med evac that takes up half the episode. however it defidentally picks up at the swap and the anna boot was cool as was the peter boot with how they should have eliminated julia and totally blew it. the two episodes following the neal med evac are nuts. then after those jems it steady's out to just being okay

20. game changers- expectations were sky high as they did their first  all stars season since HvV (cambodia isnt really all stars). oppitsite of koah rong, a great pre merge as the tony boot was insane, jt stranding his tribe, finally some more of a survival aspect, a crazy malcolm boot, jt being a bigger idiot than he was in heroes vs villains. sandra nearly got tai out with two idols. say what you will about the varner zeke thing but that was crazy. then the post merge happens and i know who's gonna win and who's going home every time. and some poor editing

19. south pacific- many of you expected this to be near the bottom. the second best premerge in survivor history. then post merge we get a pagonging but some cool charactor moments

18. guatamala- a cool cast and a few cool votes. a pretty solid season

17. marquesis- john, rob, gina, gabe, and kathy make the premerge a joy. but all of them except kathy go out either premerge or right at the merge making the people there kind of boring

16. cook island- see fiji minus a bad twist

15. samoa- an mokay premerge with an amazing reverse pagong post merge. but it is poorly edited

14. amazon- cool cast cool votes cool season

13. cambodia- fun people ho deserve a return came back over the four timers. only thing keeping it below to ten is and over abundence of strategy

12. blood vs water- great cast and theme. awesome votes. only issue is tyson is a rather predictable winner

11. panama- casaya is amazing and i like lamina. no issues here just 10 better seasons imo

10. worlds apart- take that haters! amazing premerge and i love the jauquin boot episode. fun cast (tyler, mike, rodney) and some comic relief (dan). a fun post merge. biggest issue is that it is mean spirited

9. millenials vs gen x-great cast great votes great season. not much else to say

8. caramoan- a lack lustler premerge but the second best post merge ever. the corrine boot off was unexpected, the micheal, phillup, malcolm, andrea, and brenda boots were all crazy blinsites.

7. austrailian outback- best cast ever and theres a reason so many people have returned. cast driven awesomeness

6. pearl islands- amazing cast  alomost austrailia level but has the added benifit of amazing boots

5. phillipines- third best cast ever with amazing boots

4. cagayan- see phillipines with less great cast but better boots

3. micronesia- best post nerge ever, never do you expect the person who goes home to go home with some of the nuttiest things ever

2. heroes vs villains- amazing premerge, best ever and a good post merge and really well edited

1. tocantins- 2nd best cast ever and amazing votes

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why survivor hhh sucked Jan 3, 2018
these reasons are in no specific order

predictable boots-
here i'll say why i knew who was going home 20 minutes before tribal:
katrina and simone boots were obvious because they both got nothing in episode 1 compared to the other person in debates to go home got a lot. patrick boot was obvious because they wouldn't build up a goat this much. alan’s boot was obvious because he got ignored for 2 episodes compared to ashley and joe who got screen time in both episodes. roark’s boot was obvious because they built up chrissy so much and roark so little that they wouldn't keep roark over chrissy. the ali boot was actually really good and i really thought jp would go. the jessica, desi, cole, and joe boots were obvious due to the healer almost pagonging. as for the boot that fell in between, the jp boot, was fairly decent. then with the lauren boot we knew ben had the idol which he was gonna play no matter what. then WE GET THE SAME DAMN EPISODE 3 TIMES ON REPEAT AND AFTER THE FIRST TIME IT IS NOT INTERESTING (not that it was that shocking the first time).

the cast-
here i'll go over why each and every person should not have been cast:
we don't get to know katrina or simone. patrick was a childish idiot who had no business being on the island. alan was cool but his life in the game was cut short. we didn't get to know roark (but judging on how she handled the chrissy situation i can only assume she was an idiot). ali and jessica were cool. didn't get to know desi. cole was THE BIGGEST F*CKING IDIOT IN SURVIVOR HISTORY WHO SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN CAST AND ALONG WITH JOE SCREWED THE ENTIRE HEALERS TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jp was boring. joe was a wannabe tony (seriously, do what you have to do to win, don't steal from others playbook especially if it doesn't help you. the one good thing joe does is make me appreciate tony). lauren didn't really do much of anything and the one thing she did do, give half her idol to dr mike was so stupid(granted she didn't have to do much since she was in control the whole time so i'll give her the benefit of the doubt. however she was still really boring). dr mike was an idiot who thought he was making an impact but really he wasn't. devon: see lauren. ryan was a cocky arrogant asshole who thought what he did was better than what anybody else did (example: after the final 7 tribal council where ben negates all the votes ryan says "that was almost as good as my idol play"). chrissy: see ryan. i liked ben

here i'll go over why the editing episode by episode was abysmal:
episode 1: we don't get to know katrina at all who was a potentially fun player. episode 2: since we don't get to know simone in episode and once her name comes up we know she's going home. episode 3: we spend way to much time on patrick and cole being idiots then interesting gameplay (and how does alan get ignored for 3 episodes?). episode 4: way to much time is spent building up an irrelevant advantage (mainly by cole being an idiot) than a potentially fun tribal. episode 5: since chrissy was built up so much and roark so little no way is chrissy gonna go home over roark. episode 6: actually a really well edited episode. if there's one thing they did right this season it's ali. episode 7: joe and cole are built up 2 much as both are complete idiots. and they make it painfully obvious that the non-healers are voting jessica and the healers are using the idol on joe. episode 8: again with giving joe and cole to much screen time and not the interesting players (seriously, how hard would it have been to warrant at least half of coles screen time to desi?). episode 9: to much time spent on idol found immediately. episode 10: since jp doesn't get anything i do not care  when he goes home and this episode is irrelevant. episode 11: meh. episode 12: to much time is spent on the reward "challenge" and the editors straight up lie to us by saying chrissy and ryan would vote with ben (if you want to make this episode better then how about say everyone's voting for ben but he has the idol and he's gonna use it and leave us in the dark about who ben votes for. or don't tell us that ben had the idol for shock value when he plays it). episode 13: why not tell us rather or not ben had the idol here when he plays it before the vote (how hard would it have been to do that for the final 7 or 5 episodes?). finale: i feel very looked down upon by the the editors because actually thought we were stupid enough not to think devon was gonna vote for dr mike. and when that's the most interesting thing you have it's pretty sad. the rest wasn't edited great by any means but it wasn't edited bad either.

the twists:
here i'll briefly go over why each and every twist sucked
twist 1: a super idol is the stupidest twist ever. so what a great idea to bring it back. twist 2: the vote block was irrelevant. twist 3: you've had an extra/steal a vote before. and every time you had it it failed except in game changers. so why bring it back here when you know it's just a curse for the person who wins it. twist 4: this is the opposite of an advantage for who ever wins it. fire is only cool because it is rare. and also this made it seem like they rigged it for ben to win. i would expect that from a low quality show like big brother but survivor?

Extra thoughts:
Here i’ll just say i’ll the things i didn't get to say before
If you’re wondering my favorite episode of the season it’s no contest the ali episode (episode 6). Before i choose a least favorite but i will give this season 1 thing, it is consistent. Every episode with a few exceptions is the same level of terrible. That made this a very hard choice for the very worst. Though if i had to just choose one it would probably be the cole episode (episode 9). I would like to see ali, jessica and ben again. If i had to choose a fourth person i’d probably do alan but not count on it. Over all i do think that this is a bottom 5 season but probably not the very worst.
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