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hey tg May 9, 2022
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When you win a design auction Apr 28, 2022
you should get a mail letting you know you won and you can choose to gift it or claim it yourself
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randomly decided to log in tonight Mar 17, 2022
perf timing to save hamburgerbunzz queen!!
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15 merges and no more </3 Dec 11, 2021
I know 15 merges isn't much to celebrate but had such a fun ass time the last few months. I never ever expected that many merges when I joined that first day, but here we are!

Thanks to all the friends (new and old) that made it especially fun!!
And many more who were there for a shorter time!

At least I got a cute ass design out of it!

til next time :)
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[FULL-64 people already posted] Feel like doing a gift giveaway! [PYN] Aug 8, 2021
I did this awhileeee ago and it was a lot of fun. Essentially, it'll just be like bracket style starting with 32 or 64 people (depending on interest by the blog expiration).

So first 32 or 64 people to post will be paired up randomly and thrown into a 2 person poll. Winner of the poll will move on to the next round. This continues until 2 people remain and winner of that poll will get a gift of their choosing!

So just PYN
Points: 560 65 comments
Tengaged's Newest Platinum :) Jun 8, 2021
happy to get rid of that hideous super gold!
Points: 156 13 comments