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The rdude_1's blog

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Gagaluv Mar 21, 2023

Gaga ah ah ah

Gaga ooo roma roma

Whats your bad romance
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Since when did daveycool get such an attitide Mar 20, 2023
His attitude stinks
Points: 0 8 comments
My opinion on Maxi1234 Mar 20, 2023
An awesome lesbian woman, who dont need no man
Points: 33 3 comments
I dont want to sound rude but Mar 20, 2023
Some people need to realise that where I come from, disrespectful tone is fight talk

Where I come from, some of you are asking for a fight

I dont take no shit or no disrespect


Take note
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PaulaDeen Mar 20, 2023
Rhymes with Billie Jean
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Pyn if youre a lesbian Mar 19, 2023
Everyone here seems to be gay

Except for gagaluv

What about the fellow lesbians?
Points: 80 10 comments