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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


3rdSep 12, 2017 by rawr25
Haven't done one of these in over a year, comment for a rate out of 10 and a short opinion.

Cleared my filter list except three people so everyone should participate, odds are I probably don't hate you ! :D Also feel free to comment to me in mails about your PYN or even give me one back :)

Using 5 as i don't know you.

#Billions (11) I don't have to even put a sob story up, you know how much I care about you and what we have been through. I'm so glad we can still have a relationship and be as close as we are without talking all the time. I'll always care for you and consider you one of my best friends irl & online.

#jenzie (10) You already know I don't have to get too SAPPY here, but I love you soooo much, you are hilarious and such a caring person to your friends. The literal queen of tengaged, add me back to the millz tho bitch! But honestly you helped me thru alot with my issues last year and idk how I would be today if it wasn't for you so KISSES MY NUMBER ONE BITCH.

#DanielleDonato (10) I'm sorry if you felt at any point that I didn't care about our friendship cause that's complete bs. You are top 5 when it comes to my favorite people i've met on here hands down. You helped me SOOOOOOO much with my relationship issues last year and was always there to call <3. I loved that couple months and how close we were. Hell you even stayed on the phone with me while i was puking. I just don't take games seriously/don't wanna start drama like before. If you ever need me i'm always here for you :). Also simpdonato for life even though steven is lowkey a bitch!

#MrOrange890 (9.5) oh god idek where to start with you LMAO. We've had the weirdest relationship ever. Glad i got to you know as well as I did even tho we don't talk much anymore. First person i ever slept on call with lmaooo. Oh godddd love you josh

#IYBF (9.5) loveeeee youuuuuuu, one of my fav tengagers. You listened to my hours and hours long rants about my life and spent all night with me when I needed someone. Even though you completely ignore my life advice when it comes to tengaged I still love you and hope your life is going amazing cause you deserve it

Xx_Legend_xX (9.5) baby daddy, ilysmmm you still have me #1 your an icon, that's why i still gift you, you are perfection xo. We need to play a game together soon again!

#lemjam6 (9) i think we always used to be close except when you fucking voted me out of vivor! Your personality and how you handled games was my inspiration after i always used to flop hunger. “Nice people don’t win games”. You do constantly try to guilt trip people which is the only thing i dont like about you. Otherwise one of my top 10 tengagers for sure :D

#baza76 (9) My first real friend on tengaged after coming back as rawr. You honestly paved the way for me on .com and got me into alot of the friend groups i still have today. Without you I probably would've never became relevant. Our relationship was fun for that month or two haha. No matter if we talk or not i still consider you top 10 of my favorite tengagers. Also it's cute we have never backstabbed eachother in a game ever, and i never would.

#smuguy2012 (9) Love you to death, I know I can always trust you 100% in any game ever. You are one of the most loyal people on tg. I may owe you like 4 gifts but YOU STILL LOVEEEE ME DADDYYYYYYYYYYY :**

#maturo (9) you are so adorbs, you have always been nice to me and we have always had a weird friendship that I know i trust you 100% and love you even if you are messy sometimes. You are supah funny when you wanna be, which is cute. Skype me sometime!

#KatarinaDuCouteau (9) LMAO idek how we became friends but ilyy! I knew from like the first time i talked to you, that you were a guy it was so funny and you like lowkey admitted it but i never said anything cuz i don't care about tg drama anymore. You are super funny and loveable #RAWRKAT4LYFE

brandt69 (9) Honestly has there ever been a time we fought or weren't friends? You are so funny and humble and fun to talk to! Me you and mikey are the cutest threesome ever. (inlove)

hobo232 (9) LOVE YOU, can always trust you 100% you were probably my most consistent buyer for shops and even tb to when we flopped that random stars. #robbed One of my besties for sure, one of the most friendly and admirable tengagers. LOVE U BB

#tonyalbright (8.5) I feel like we are aligned every single game we ever play and i'm not sure if we have ever had a fight? You are extremely laid back and alot smarter than you lead on. I like that about you! The only thing that i ever disliked about you is in hungers when you pretended to always be confused yet I know you knew what was going on. Ily and will always have your back in games. Icon.

#hints (8.5) Honestly used to hate you cause I thought you were annoying as FUCK. Also probably didn't help I shot you out of hunger 3 times and won all three LOL. Even after all i've done to you with backstabbing you, you STILL trusted me our last hg together and I honestly respect you for that. I was so sure you were going to be fake to me and shoot me. We had some good conversations and I really like your personality. I'm sorry i'm not on as much but know I still love you lots bb.

koolness234 (8.5) ILY HONESTLY, always have. I know i like tried to vote u out of vivor but i'm a paranoid person and you weren't messaging me so i assumed you were coming for me. Obvs I was wrong and i'm sorry :( i'll never betray you again baby

CrimsonEnnui (8.5) Idk what is is but I just love you to death, you have ALWAYS been nice to me. You are just such a good person ilysm. Keep in touch and skype me sometime babe ILYYYY

#ClassiCaz5 (8.5) Honestly such a rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to our relationship! But honestly now i trust you and like you as a person. Plus now you can finally sleigh hungah's so PROUD!

#brandonpinzu (8.5) Love you! You are such a fun person to talk to, which explains why you are basically the most popular user on the site. We haven't talked in 5ever we need to catch up soon.

alanb1 (8.5) For sure one of my least favorite tengagers not too long ago, but you have honestly been so nice to me, now i love you ! Your still a closet case if you haven't came out yet, but once u do and get married ibettah be at that fag wedding :*

#bowkane (8) We have the most complicated relationship ever. In games we are either enemies or best friends. I think most recent I didn't like you for saving #thumper91 over me in a frookies or you hating me voting you out in survivor. But that was like probably forevever ago and overall our relationship is extremely positive otherwise. Love you baby!

#Roshy (8) We don't talk a crazy amount, but i like you a lot. You have a chill personality and have never let me down in a game. I consider you my friend for sure < 3 don't forget about me when you become famous as the user with most hunger wins. :*

#DakotaCoons (8) Used to despise you, for coming for me in hunger. Recently you have been nothing but courteous and friendly to me so I respect you. Nice checking in with you from time to time :) stay in touch!

#Padfoot (8) Pretty sure you hated me forever from shops. We have both grown up since then and honestly talking to you in our vivor i'm lowkey obsessed with you and we should probs talk more. You are hilarious and it was so funny how we gave zero fcks while all the noobs strategized night and day to get us out.

#arris (8) Love you!! You can be supah shady sometimes in games i remember a skype game where you were not on my side, but you are always nice and cordial which I respect. Your stars vlogs are so cringy tho haha.

BengalBoy (8) The ultimate troll honestly, but I think you are HILARIOUS, sometimes annoying tho. Besides the jokes I feel like we do have a connection/friendship from the millz and we need to talk more soon :D

#s73100 (8) I remember hating your guts after that rookies with jenna and the millz cause you lied to our faces, but since then I realized you are actually a cool person :). We've worked together recently in games like vivor and I trust you! We don't have the deepest personal connection ever so if you want we can def get to know eachother more

GiGi10 (8) We haven't talked in 5EVER! but I miss you, you are hilarious and so easy to talk to. We got to catch up soon! Love youuuu :*

IceBeast (8) Used to adore you and would've gave you a 9.5 probs BUT you have never talked to me even when you knew I was upset with you, which upsets me. Overall though I love you. <3

Styxxe (8) oh baby baby. You have always been so sweet to me <3. We never got close but I just get such good vibes when i see your username. You are just so cute! Love you!

#levonini (8) I honestly think i hated you for the longest time LMAO, you were so annoying. Now you are mad chill and i enjoy watching t-vivor ! You are a good host :*. Lets talk sometime!

HaliFord (8) We were mad close then hit a rough patch with stars which may have involved butt pics being leaked BUT, i honestly love you now and i'm over all that shit ! You are very nice & genuine. And a little shy which i think is supah cute.

top20fan33 (8) such a nice person and you don't get that around here much anymore, I genuinely like talking to you and your fun to play games with ! We need to play again sometime

#ImGonnaWin (7.5) I remember talking to you the week you won stars and you were extremely sweet to me, not sure if that was just for my vote lmao. I did vote for you btw. But yeah if you wanna reconnect hmu!

titoburitto (7.5) We started talking recently and bonded over daddies? lmfao or smth it was really funny, sorry i don't come on much but when I do we need to keep getting to know eachother

#Kaylabby (7.5) We have never gotten too close, but i've always been fond of you. Everyone says your crazy and stuff but i've never seen it, maybe cause we aren't that close idk! Regardless you seem like a sweet girl and we always comment positive things on eachothers blogs <3

eliserose (7.5) Hey!! We have had convos before and you are super funny and sweet! I rooted for you hardcore on tbb! We should get closer for sure! :D love you

jojo7784 (7.5) we haven't talked in a hot minute, but I remember us being close for a long period of time before the whole you cheating vs me in hg. Not sure if you are still kinda immature and stuff, but if not i'd love to talk! You do have a really good & funny personality

#DJ4460 (7.5) Hey! Your dating jenz so ofc i'll love you. You have been alot nicer to me since you met her so i'll count that as our clean slate. Love you too I ship it!!!

#melindaMrskk (7.5) Depends who is on the account but if it's paul ily!! and we used to be supah close miss you :/

KatherinePierce (7.5) At one point i did not like you, but now we have talked & reconciled you are really nice and geuine! That's what I respect about you.

#j0hnnyb0i (7.5) I remember we slayed a game together I can't think of it right now, but i know i love you when i see your user name you may have to refresh me haha :*

#Funnehliner (7) I don't know you personally, and i'm not sure if you know I was literally cheering for you hardcore in tbb (i'm a fan *blush*). If you ever want to make new friends hit me up, I'd for sure be down to talk to you.

#samnala (7) I remember us being really close friends I think? Not sure, but if we were i'd want to reconnect for sure! Hit me up anytime xo.

#vanili (7) Pretty sure I didn't like you ? I'm not 100% sure why. I also just know we never really talked, which is the reason for your 7. I think you are super sweet and if you wanted to talk sometime we definitely could!!

#YuNoLOVEME (7) I'm almost CERTAIN we talked before not sure about the reason, but I have positive vibes when I look at your username! Feel free to talk to me anytime, you seem cool :)

#Allison (7) Grats on your stars win! We really never had a full conversation besides me telling you to go out more on skype lmao. You seem cool so if you wanna talk hit me up!

#ohheydudeski (7) I like and don't like you at the same time. Your one of those people in a frooks where if you come for me it's just a game but if i come for you first you filter and remove me sooooo. Idk if you've changed since then but otherwise I like your personality and you are fun to talk to!

#FighterMan (7) uhhhh idk what it is but I feel like you will never actually be my friend not sure if it's cause of my past or what. I tried so hard to be your friend in vivor and you just sat there and pretended to care about my life just so i wouldn't kpell, which was dumb cause idgaf about games anymore lol. Honestly I think i'm more mature than you now when it comes to tg for sure. If you ever wanna talk about shit feel free to mail me anytime tho I do like ya.

#NotNicky333 (7) I think you are so funny, not sure how old you are now but I know your super young and immature still but honestly enjoy those years! I feel like in a game we wouldn't backstab eachother (or at least i wouldn't come for you). Love ya xoxo

#Brayden_ (7) Uh! I don't think we have had many interactions but I'm giving you a seven because I find most of your blogs funny/entertaining! If you want to talk anytime i'm super aproachable :D

#jenna2010 (6.5) I don't think we have ever had a full conversation? I do remember you accusing me of cheating on .es cause I broke 1k in numbers in hunger when it's my best comp. So besides that I don't really have an opinion. From what i've seen on blogs you are older and always stand up for yourself so that's respectable. Mail me sometime!

Violets (6) I honestly don't hate you, I can find you really annoying but I don't hate you. The last hunger where I shot you out, the whole time all you did was bitch that I shot out hints who btw wasnt even mad LOL. I should've kept you over the other bitch but I just couldn't take the constant harrassment. Maybe one day we can be like me and hints and actually be friends! But it's all up to you. <3

jackyboy (5) only know you from tbb! uh you seem kinda cool/fun wasn't really rooting for you but you were mad entertaining for sure.

#MikeRORO (5) Can't remember us having a conversation? I remember being a noob and seeing your shop get taken away after you got banned and felt so bad for you. Otherwise we can talk if you want! i'm down

#CalebDaBoss (5) this user sounds so familiar and i feel like we def talked before but I can't remember? Don't wanna risk it so will just give you a 5, if we have talked lmk!! i have a bad memory

garrievans97 (5) Def seen your username once or twice but we haven't had a conversation ever so i can't judge just based on that! We are in MC crew together so feel free to add me anytime !

#Oliviaxoxo (5) Going to give you a 5 because I feel like we don't know eachother enuff to rate eachother! I've seen you around and you seem so fun so i'd love to talk to you more!!

YoundAndReckless (5) Your user looks crazy familiar but i can't remember a convo? I may be wrong and if i am refresh my memory!

#WpwSers196 (5) I don't want to rate you because I don't think we know enough about eachother yet. I think you are friends with mikey, at the same time i think I recall you allowing people to play vs us ur comps in vivor? Not 100% sure if you wanna clear that up mails are open!

#Mickiejames22 (5) Not much to say don't know you, mail me if you want to be friends! :)

#Macda27 (5) Just met you, not long enough to have an opinion yet haha. So far you seem cool!

#immaxyman (5) Saw you mail me yesterday I think, and i'm pretty sure I added you back on skype, but I don't know you lmaoo. The only time i've seen your user is looking at josh's front page. Message me sometime!

aria_grande (5) Message me either in mails or skype sometime so we can get to know eachother! Never heard of you haha

AllieBoBallie (5) Uh definitely seen you around, but I think you started becoming more popular after I left the site and lost my relevancy? You seem mad chill I just don't know much about you, I heard your a real girl but i honestly don't even know lmao, skype/mail me sometime

#Danny12 (4)  I Have legit zero reason to dislike you, I think you shot me out in a hunger once upon a time but not bothered honestly. Yet you still make blogs to this day to carlos about me posting porn in stars which happened over a year ago. It's fucking annoying and i'm not sure why you consistently do it. I'd be down to talk if you want.

#bigbrotherlover7 (3) honestly loved you but still salty about last hunger, you let me get 5th my first non payouts that i've played in over a year. You should've had my back and you didn't.

Streamxx (3) haven't talked to you in a while maybe you matured but you were a psychotic bitch before? Maybe you are better now i'm not sure!

Trust (3) This rating is not based on my feelings towards you, because I barely even know you but I've heard you talk shit about me as well as have me filtered? idek what I did to you but if you wanna talk about it i'm down

Brxan (2) Too much drama for me, you always change your mind on friendships and just have a personality that's too unpredictable, for how I am now I just don't like people like that.

benp428 (1) liar & idiot are first two words that come to mind. Your one of those people who lie in games and think ur so smart and everyone believes you but actually no1 does.


wow welcome back! how was your summer?
Sent by EyooMarcus,Sep 12, 2017
Sent by maturo,Sep 12, 2017
Sounds fun!
Sent by TheEmpress,Sep 12, 2017
I am high too I hope you are having start to le school year
You can carry me in hunger games or vivor again rawr25
Sent by koolness234,Sep 12, 2017
Welcome back bud!
Sent by MitchTheMachine,Sep 12, 2017
yay youre back!! i clicked on your profile a week ago and i got nervous that i didnt get to say goodbye!
Sent by AndrewWeltner,Sep 12, 2017
i love you!

koolness234 um im already carrying u in vivor girlie girl
Sent by RoboZoe,Sep 12, 2017
Welcome back Nic!  :)  Hope Italy was fun  ^_^
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Sep 12, 2017
robozoe lmao I know i literally am loving being dragged along for free karma till we lose to many challenges
Sent by koolness234,Sep 12, 2017
welcome back hope u enjoyed vacation <3
Sent by jenzie,Sep 12, 2017
Hello hun
Sent by TrollingPenguin,Sep 12, 2017
remembering some ppl
Sent by rawr25,Sep 12, 2017
welcome back <3
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Welcome back, would love to hear about the trip sometime!
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omg nic ily <3
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ugh nic welcome back babe <3
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um thanks for the trend? bitch
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 12, 2017
Welcome back =)
Sent by s73100,Sep 12, 2017
miss you < 3
and omg where in Italy?
I'm suppose to be going in Cassino
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Forgot to tag me
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Sep 12, 2017
Sent by iYBF,Sep 12, 2017
welcome back!
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The title is accurate.
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<3 mwah
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Welcome back! :)
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hi daddy
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welcome back :P
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wb dad < 3
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