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The T-Challenge 1: The Duel

Jul 27, 2018 by rawr121
1. Tanner P. Crayadian
2. Alex P. Papibadd
3. Sydney D. Guigi
4. Crimson E. CrimsonEnnui
5. Kyle R. Kgamer2218
6. Rodrigo S. rodrigueseve
7. Jake B. Lemjam6
8. Andrew T. turney1805
9. Nolan K. mysterygame2
10. James R. J2999
11. Ryan B. Iceey
12. Jacob S. BOBROCKS333
13. Jay S. JSBReality
14. Nick M. BluJay112


The Link to the Chart:


- Really great first season, a lot of power shifts and lot of social dynamics
- Jacob flipping on Andrew really was amazing
- The Duos in the game: Nick/Jake and Kyle/Ryan up until some tragic events breaking them up
- Andrew singlehandedly winning the challenge for his team in Episode 3
- James and Jacob having this rivalry/strong friendship that was amazingly interesting to watch form
- Andrew literally getting into a fight with half the cast
- Sydney being this comp threat, and starting a big rivalry with Jay
- Jake/Nick/Andrew hatching a plan to ice out Jacob, and James coming in clutch for them
- After Episode 6, it really became Jacob/Rodrigo vs. Andrew/Nick/Jake/James with the rest of the house in the middle; Except Rodrigo was the dead last loser in the next challenge so sucks for Jacob
- Jake backstabbing Nick was really iconic
- Ryan being in the middle of two duos at the Final 5 and winning the Challenge basically was the best case scenario for an amazing end to the season
- Real Solid Final 3

Returnees are located on the bottom of the chart.

Season 2 coming up!


omg u copied my format boyfriend <3
Sent by Maxi1234,Jul 27, 2018
ik u inspired me :) Maxi1234
Sent by rawr121,Jul 27, 2018
i suck at random pyns omg
Sent by papibadd,Jul 27, 2018
Sent by Lemjam6,Jul 27, 2018
They really did try it
Sent by turney1805,Jul 27, 2018
me winning something, I'm in disbelief

also, real cute, lemjam6. Real cute trying to backstab me.
Sent by BluJay112,Jul 27, 2018
How did I get eliminated? Did I get last in a challenge that was for elimination or something?
Sent by rodrigueseve,Jul 27, 2018
yasss nick <3
Sent by Lalisa,Jul 27, 2018
rodrigueseve yeah it was a dead last loser comp
Sent by rawr121,Jul 28, 2018

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