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  4. Vote for #14!! Ill suck dicks!!
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in vendettas

Jan 3, 2018 by rawr121
how much screen time does bananas get because he makes it really hard for me to watch


He gets some decent screentime. Mostly consisting of flirting with Natalie lol.
Sent by AshlynArehart,Jan 3, 2018
He gets a lot of confessionals tbh, like i wanna say 1/3 of an episode's confessionals (or more) are his.

Apparently big time vets or people that win a lot get paid more per episode than other vets/newbs, so it make sense that he gets a lot of airtime. Same with CT or Cara Maria.
Sent by snowflake3,Jan 3, 2018
Mtv and production has a freaking hard on for Bananas, so he has a lot of air time (dull)
Sent by M2thamax,Jan 3, 2018

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