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The Walking Dead Information

Nov 11, 2014 by rawr121

Niedz Family
Martin Niedz: 36: Always been a man of faith but once he finds out that his wife cheated on him and that his daughter may not be his, he begins to question everything

Sarah Niedz: 33: Sarah always wants what's best for the group and is a good caretaker, but she can't always handle the pressure

Abigail Niedz: 7: After finding out of her sister's death, she bounced back quickly. But seeing how easily her sister was taken she took every step possible to get stronger.

Grubb Family
Oli Grubb: 19: Oli is a fast and quick-thinking person, something that can keep people alive. However, when faced with new emotions, he may not take them as easily.

Robbie Grubb: 16: Always second-in-command, but he enjoys it. Loyal and smart, hes able to make sure he keeps whats closest to him safe. But does he have his priorities straight?

Tinson Family
Lindsay Tinson: 17: Lindsay gets abused by her burly father, but once another group joins them she breaks away and is able to finally live her life. But will her new sense of life be shortlived?

Alexander Tinson: 44: A career-obsessed father who believes that his daughter owes him, but he tries his best to be a father. His over the top tempo and his angry personality may just end his life before he proves his fatherhood.

Samuels Family
Mika Samuels: 9: The younger of the two sisters, shes always thought of as dumb and oblivious when in reality shes nothing like that. Her sister betrayed her trust which put a hole in her heart, will she be able to overcome that?

Lizzie Samuels: 13: Believes that the walkers are just sick people, like when we attract certain diseases, but when she first shows her feelings towards the situation she almost dies. Now will she be successful in hiding these dark emotions?

Beverly Family
Cheyenne Beverly: 16: ( Lowwww) (S1 Episode 2-)
Zamaya Beverly: Newborn: (Lowwww) (S1 Episode 2-)

Harrison Family
Perry Harrison: 24: ( IceIceBaby) (S1 Episode 2-)

Santana Family
Darrel Santana: 19: ( Darrel42) (S2 Episode 3-)
Caroline Santana: 5: (NPC) (S2 Episode 3-)

Williams Family
Tiara Williams: 37: (NPC) (S2 Episode 3-)
Shontae Williams: 14: (NPC) (S2 Episode 3-)

Terrence Holiday: 20: ( bad18life) (S1 Episode 3-)
Doctor Joseph Johnson: 39: (NPC) (S1 Episode 2-)
Kelly Sera: 22: ( Mastropola) (S1 Episode 1-)
Tim Smith: 35: (LordJza) (S1 Episode 8-)
Luke Robertson: 18: ( GrrrImABear) (S1 Episode 9-)
Henry West: 23: ( Yoshitomi) (S2 Episode 3-)


Season 1:
-Hadley Milton: 17: (MariahAnn) (S1 Episode 1-5) UNDEAD
-Carley Harrison: 34: (IceIceBaby) (S1 Episode 3-8) DEAD
-Martha Niedz: 5: (LordJza) (S1 Episode 2-9) UNDEAD

Season 2:
-Dia Rhea: 45: ( Zuelke) (S1 Episode 9- S2 Episode 4) DEAD
-Marquis Williams: 39: (NPC) (S2 Episode 3-5)
-DeAndre Williams: 8: (NPC) (S2 Episode 3-5)
-Syrena Milton: 47: ( MariahAnn) (S1 Episode 1- S2 Episode 6)
-Joyce Beverly: 73: ( XxHeroxX) (S1 Episode 9-S2 Episode 6)
-Landra Holland: 21: ( Zeptis) (S1 Episode 1-S2 Episode 6)


Sent by Carsonl,Nov 11, 2014
Sent by LordJza,Nov 11, 2014
Carley was more robbed?
Sent by IceIceBaby,Nov 11, 2014
LordJza IceIceBaby

Hadley slays y'all. Her bitch boyfriend left her for dead.
Sent by MariahAnn,Nov 11, 2014

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