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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

How to ensure safety?

1stJan 25, 2021 by randomize
Yes, Reporting works,... it's perfect to provide a safe place?. No

- We tried with moderation
- Then, added user filters
- Added blog/imges reporting
- Added automated blocking of blog/images reporting
- Added users with internal reporting power (capable to delete blogs comments)
- Added User reporting
- ...

Yes, it's not easy... nothing works perfectly. 
Ideas welcome,... please be positive.  I still thinking Tengaged has done lot of good things to many of us, it's a strong community, lets find ways to keep it safe.

Questions I read in some posts: 
- Should this site be splitted minors and 18+ ?
- Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?
- How much evidence needed for a ban/report?


Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Jan 25, 2021
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Sent by Petro,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by Admir,Jan 25, 2021
omg you made a blog
Sent by Yawnha,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by lemonface,Jan 25, 2021
i knew the 18+ was coming
Sent by BB5lover,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by AmandaBynes,Jan 25, 2021
pon un moderador secreto, los moderadores fallaron xq la gente siempre sabia quienes eran...
Sent by Petro,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by christossss,Jan 25, 2021
Oh my
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Jan 25, 2021
split the site between minors and 18+
Sent by rowjone,Jan 25, 2021

You have appointed the WRONG PEOPLE in the past. If you allow others to ban people, the crazies will GO AWAY
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by BB5lover,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by SabrinaRayexxx,Jan 25, 2021
hey hey my dude!
Sent by Kmartt,Jan 25, 2021
you are so cute i hate that every1 is mean to u........
Sent by lemonface,Jan 25, 2021
How would you confirm the 18+? Couldn’t someone lie about their age and an old man still would have a site full of children to pick on??
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Jan 25, 2021
We need mods. Good mods
Sent by Letal,Jan 25, 2021
MODERADOR SECRETO es lo ùnico que se necesita, y ya
Sent by Petro,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by Kmartt,Jan 25, 2021
No need for a website split. Need for moderation yes. There needs to be checks on moderation as well. Moderators should be public knowledge and changed on rotation so no one moderator bears the brunt of complaints for too long. How to select mods is a really tough issue.
Sent by Aquamarine,Jan 25, 2021
Please stay on here for a while this time and work with us.
Sent by konohavillage1,Jan 25, 2021
- Revamp the code of conduct so it's crystal clear what's bannable and what isn't, and how long bans are for (and for first time, second time offenses, etc.) and like you said, revisit this once a year or so and adjust as needed.

- Some sort of group of people like a "Mod Council" (maybe 6-7 users or so) that can hold mods accountable and raise awareness if there are unfair or biased bans (though randomize would always have the final say, they could provide input that would be taken into consideration). Make it so bans have to be approved by at least 2 different mods before being enacted ( LeXXXy's suggestion). Also rotate this group out every 6-12 months. Idea is to dilute the potential favoritism as much as possible without making it needlessly bureaucratic.
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Jan 25, 2021
i think you've done a good job the past week looking at the evidence and dealing with things on a case-by-case basis (i don't know anything about the _Jessie situation but the others were on point)

hard to come up with a perfect solution as there'll be problems whichever way but i'm glad you're taking steps to work on it
Sent by druu,Jan 25, 2021
- Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?

but it has Spanish and Brazilian "judges" too, because you always think only for the good of Americans. It's time for you to think as a whole and remember that you extinguished .es and .br.
Sent by Fares,Jan 25, 2021
We just need better and more moderation, a more extensive panel of moderation would be good and having a 15 person forum that requires a 10/15 vote to ban someone would be good I think, it would be hard for biased bans to get through.
Sent by Heavenlee,Jan 25, 2021
- Should this site be splitted minors and 18+ ? No. I turn 18 in a few months and I have several friends who are minors. The majority of us are normal people and can handle being friends with minors

- Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ? I think this is a smart idea, but be careful and use it wisely

- How much evidence needed for a ban/report? As long as it’s obvious that someone cheated or is a multi or harassed users to an extreme extent, they should be banned.
Sent by 3pi14159,Jan 25, 2021
y creo que deberìas interactuar más con nosotros, así al menos sabemos que esta pasando en la comunidad
Sent by Petro,Jan 25, 2021
Ok, so an actual reply

- Should this site be splitted minors and 18+ ?

No, if anything, this would just make it easier for child predators to prey on minors.

- Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?

I'm not opposed to this, but I think major issues in the past have stemmed from mods not having much experience on the website. I think mods should absolutely be adults, and I think 5-6 of them would be a bit easier to deal with than 10-15.

- How much evidence needed for a ban/report?

It depends on each issue, obviously, but I think that a small group of moderators should be able to use their discretion. Those that are more active on the website are more in touch with Skype/Discord, and these are where a lot more serious issues occur (re: child predators). People do admit to a lot more in games now, though, because there's less of a presence of moderators, so it may just be easy to spot them there.
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Jan 25, 2021
Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?
I honestly really like this
Sent by Yawnha,Jan 25, 2021
If you make a mod i will do a splendid job
Sent by BURBERRY,Jan 25, 2021
I think a website that’s exclusively for minors is only going to attract pedos more
Sent by Electric,Jan 25, 2021
10/15 users to vote for bans still becomes problematic because if somehow 6 are friends with the user in question, despite if that person is a danger, they might make it through the system. For example, gagaluv was friends with NexusCain and outright DELETED blogs that provided proof of his doings.
Sent by Aquamarine,Jan 25, 2021
also, you really need to unban Jessie and
ban Kyoot
the amount of blogs people have made about this is annoying...
Sent by Yawnha,Jan 25, 2021
What aquamarine said. The picking of who should be mods has always been what caused certain mods to fail.
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jan 25, 2021
I think the split would be good.
We definitely need a good panel of moderation, people that don't know each other also so it's not a ton of friends that are known as friends that are the mods.
Sent by Yonaka,Jan 25, 2021
Separate the children
Sent by Chic,Jan 25, 2021
you need a mod to differentiate between the people who really need to be banned and people who are mass reported because people don't like them. you aren't around enough to know who absolutely needs to be reported
Sent by holllyy1230,Jan 25, 2021
Moderation. At least someone's watching over.
Sent by iScotty,Jan 25, 2021
needs to be banned i mean
Sent by holllyy1230,Jan 25, 2021
Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?

but it has Spanish and Brazilian "judges" too, because you always think only for the good of Americans. It's time for you to think as a whole and remember that you extinguished .es and .br.
Sent by Kmartt,Jan 25, 2021
y dividir el sitio entre 18 y menores no servira, cualquiera puede mentir sobre su edad
Sent by Petro,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by LeXXXy,Jan 25, 2021
At this point this site needs to be 18+ moving forward if there are going to be pedophilia problems present. Also mods can work if they aren't be biased like the past ones have been. I think mods should be voted on by the tg public, must be a good representation, and maybe you can try talking with potential mods to see what they could bring.
Sent by pinkiepie512,Jan 25, 2021
add me to the tengaged judging council
Sent by Clone,Jan 25, 2021
Carlos -

Aquamarine and koolness234 are your best options for moderation at this point. They have been active users on Tengaged for more than a decade now. They can create a team that will moderate your website and protect the users.

Your first step is to create a moderation team from users that have been on the website for a LONG TIME. They will help you!
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Jan 25, 2021
Moderation is a huge part in this
Indeed, we actually don’t need to split but having eyes around the site; people who are willing to be active and moderate the behavior of some players, analyzing games to avoid multis because the purpose for them of creating them is for games obviously.
I think we should have people capable of identifying those actions
Also, some behavior in the blog post have to be checked... like given some strike to any overwhelming blogs... they should be people in different section either in games, designs games, or blog pages to have a hand on those bad behavior
Sent by Midiaw,Jan 25, 2021

I think if you have the right people with mod powers, the site could run so much smoother and we can get rid of Pedos/ racists
Sent by Marwane,Jan 25, 2021
start analyzing the ip of Americans who also use multis .... don't put the weight on Brazilians and Spaniards.
Sent by ponga,Jan 25, 2021
Moderation is the key to all of this. We need effective and active mods who can and will ban multis. Make me a moderator!
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Jan 25, 2021
The last moderator you added was a 17 year old... that you appointed without consulting with any of us. This time will be different because the mod will be a fair one, one that the community trusts and voted for collectively.

Having an active mod is essential so that the burden is lifted from your shoulders. It's the moderator's job to figure out the rest and you can work out on adding new features and games in the meanwhile!
Sent by CutieAmy,Jan 25, 2021
I don't think identifying all the minors in the room would stop people from targeting them.
Sent by JamesM,Jan 25, 2021
Splitting is a bad idea cause there won’t be any way to verify a user is the age they say and it would make a child predator know which site they should be on 😗

Also having tengagers choose mods will be a disasters cause ppl with huge friend groups etc will just put their friends in power to ban those they hate because of games
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jan 25, 2021
Please give us moderation and a games coordinator... this site needs to be fun again.
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jan 25, 2021
the 18+ idea is perfect
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Jan 25, 2021
People like koolness234 are not good people. You did the right thing blacklisting him. He's a very nasty user like the rollingderp and highnoon
You would be best to find someone like a kandee_ for a mod she tried to be down the line and tried to not to take sides.
Sent by obey_me,Jan 25, 2021
I think having 13-18 being split from 18+ would be very hard to moderate due to verification detailing. It would also make pedophilia a lot worse because those who may exploit minors, will be able to contact underage TG users a lot more easier.
We definitely need a panel of TG users to help with bans. But also I don't think how you chose it previously worked well enough. We need people FROM ALL ASPECTS OF TG. Not just the typical bloggers, or a BB host but from everywhere on TG. Each representing a part of TG as parts of TG do feel under-appreciated. Yes we are a BB/Survivor community but it's home to a lot more than that.
Concerning TG evidence, I do think Skype should equate to evidence
Sent by J4ckWilko,Jan 25, 2021
I think splitting it into minors and adults would make the minors area a breeding ground for pedos. I also don’t think there’s enough minors to keep an active site for them on their own. As far as a panel, I think that would be a great way to ensure that no one goes on a power trip. I think Skype and snap should equate to evidence, especially when someone can quote the evidence, although screenshots should be acceptable as well. The past moderation made it far too difficult to get pedos banned because they didn’t accept Skype as evidence. If you create the panel, please make it 18+. I don’t trust 15 year olds to make responsible choices to the good of the site.
Sent by Paige54,Jan 25, 2021
1. First a sole moderator needs to be appointed to deal directly with these claims of child harassment. This moderator should be public knowledge as to avoid people having to send sexually explicit messages to someone they do not know. The should weigh the brevity of the information and then make bans according to that information. They should have no power or authority to ban anyone else outside their purview. Meaning they should not have power to ban multis, and other violations of the TOS. In the past it seems like the mod team gets spread thin.

2. You should include in the TOS or another page, relevant links to help minors reports sexual explicit activity to an in real life authority. Some may be more comfortable doing this than sending an report to a moderator. I also suggest you include hotline numbers for national toll free consulting services that deal with this.

Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673) or chat online at .
Call the National Child Abuse Hotline at 800-4-A-CHILD (2-24453), which is available every day and around the clock.

3. Make it a hard rule that proof from other websites can be used as reporting proof for actions of sexually explicit conversations. Man travesties that happen on here, happen when people leave Tengaged. If someone we know is a confirmed predator on omeagle, then they should not be allowed to have a platform on here, even if their actions took place on Omeagle.

4. Also look over blog removing powers, in the past people well not people gagaluv would remove credible reports and blogs of people preying on children.

5. Look for a better way to prevent multiple accounts using VPNS and onion browsers, idk if this is possible. But we need to stop letting predators make other accounts like mrpeeps does every time he gets caught
Sent by koolness234,Jan 25, 2021
We need mods.
Sent by AronJX,Jan 25, 2021
please god don't make a teengaged
Sent by joshgillespie,Jan 25, 2021
Mods never worked rando you know it the site is too social and the community is too small for mods. People only want mods cause they're desperate for the drama. Please don't return mods. Those were the dark ages.
Sent by manopause,Jan 25, 2021
Yo lo de votar por el moderador y votar si se ha de banear a una persona o no, no lo veo...
La persona que tenga más amigos será moderador de la misma manera que tampoco será baneado si el jurado te cae bien
No garantiza criterio alguno
Sent by SugarCrash,Jan 25, 2021
We really need you to be online when you blog things like this. It’s kind of urgent because of the state you’ve allowed this site to descend into.
Sent by konohavillage1,Jan 25, 2021
this is so so so so so funny
Sent by Absol,Jan 25, 2021
I think you need a nice team of like, 10-20 trustworthy and sane people who can give you good advice on what to do. Moderation is good but it’s not easy to just pick some person in one day and suddenly we have mods.
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by mbarnish1,Jan 25, 2021
I do want to be judge randomize.
Sent by purplebb4,Jan 25, 2021
5 moderators that can debate/discuss each report/incident in an open forum... i.e. a public group.

These debates/discussions would include evidence from the accuser, and would allow the moderators to speak openly about what punishment they feel is most deserving, on a case-by-case basis. Or to dismiss the report entirely.

A majority of 3 moderators must agree on the appropriate punishment, i.e. a 3 day ban for harassment, before the ban can be activated.

Only moderators will get to debate in the thread/forum, but it will be open for the whole of Tengaged to see, so there is transparency on the banning process.

To prevent moderators from receiving abuse, their identities will be anonymous (make them separate accounts like you did for Tengaged_Moderation and Admin), and, if we want to ensure complete impartiality... make their identities secret from one another. For example, Moderator 1 wouldn't know the identity of Moderators 2, 3, 4 and 5.

This way, we have several pairs of eyes reviewing every case. A majority opinion must be achieved before any ban is administered, and the Tengaged public get to see the full process transparently :)
Sent by LeXXXy,Jan 25, 2021
Lo que podrias hacer al menos es leer los correos que tienes o los mails, empieza por ahí y lo mismo esto va mejor y de paso banear a los que tienen 50 cuentas.
Sent by lPeach,Jan 25, 2021
Please split the site into +18 -18
You have very controversial users trying to be pedophile police on here. It's very dangerous considering there are vendettas against certain users.
I'm not saying there aren't black people on here. I think that is your best chance to end this once and for all.

Only a mod like kandee_ might work. A fair person.
Sent by obey_me,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by iYBF,Jan 25, 2021

I'm ready to go. Tengaged Supreme Court
Sent by Allison,Jan 25, 2021
hola carlos, te escribo en español por que enteoria eres de barcelona como yo así que aqui voy

creo que dividir la página en menores y mayores de edad no es buena idea, yo he sido menor en y nunca tuve un problema con nadie y creo recordar que no hubo este tipo de problemas, alomejor son los americanos el problema lmao

además si les creas un sitio aparte es como que es mas facil para los pedófilos llegar a ellos por que solo están ellos. hay adultos que sabemos comportarnos y que les tratamos bien, y les ayudamos, entonces creo que no es buena idea por esto

lo de los moderadores estaría bien, pero creo que al haber la comunidad española y la brasileña, debería haber representación de estas dos comunidades, ya no alguien que sea americano y hable español, si no alguien español que represente esta comunidad y sepa todo sobre ella (yo por ejemplo JAJAJA)

también creo que deberías permitir que tuviesemos una multi por persona como en .es que teniamos dos. Hay mucha gente que no juega con su cuenta principal pero si con su multi o sus multis, creo que si las prohibeses mucha gente dejaría de jugar y la actividad sería mucho menor.... pero todo est controlando las IP y que nadie tenga mas de una multi o dos, lo que veas

y de momento no se me ocurre mas.... la verdad que respecto a juegos hacer un juego nuevo o hacer una version nueva. nuevos premios para los fastings para que la gente los juegue mas, o nuvos premios en general, que hagan que la gente quiera jugar

tambien poder subastar diseños que tengas en tu armario y no quieras, creo que esto le gustaria mucho a la gente y te lo llevan diciendo muchos años!
Sent by David2560,Jan 25, 2021
Deberías revisar a todas las cuentas que has baneado porque sí, hay muchas multis pero también has baneado a cuentas que llevan desde 2010 jugando como yo (@evitaa) y otros que se llenan juegos con sus multis siguen como si nada y si baneas a unos por multis, entonces deberías banear a todos porque aquí no queda nadie sin una multi.
Sent by lPeach,Jan 25, 2021
Personally, I think it would be good if 12 random tengagers were chosen by random. There would be two sides, the prosecution, and the defense, both anonymous people. The prosecutor would be the person/people that filed the report against the defendant, the defendant defends themselves but can also pick three people to give evidence that they aren't (Whatever they were accused for) The 12 anonymous tengagers then vote if they believe the defendant to be guilt or innocent. If they are decided to be guilty, then they will be punished by whatever is in place for each offence (Being a pedo would be a perm ban, things such as harassment would be a week ban, etc)

There would still be a moderation team in place to go through the reports, and decide if it goes to the court. There must be at least some evidence presented for it to go forward. Users that file obviously fake reports must make an appearence in court themselves
Sent by SeaViper,Jan 25, 2021
delete the site stink
Sent by Stering_butter,Jan 25, 2021
Remove the minors!
Sent by mysterygame2,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by Queenisha,Jan 25, 2021
Please pay attention to the website, it's been run into the ground
Sent by Zeptis,Jan 25, 2021
fuck you
Sent by KidDrift76,Jan 25, 2021
can we get some diversity on the pannel then like at least someone from each ethnicity and maybe some .es and .br people so we have good representation especially when it comes to issues with racists
Sent by wheatbread,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by Petro,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by Lauttyy,Jan 25, 2021
King thanks for this. I think an 18+ thing wouldn’t be bad, but I think appointing good mods is best. Though it’s failed before, nothing has worked better
Sent by temponeptune,Jan 25, 2021
I think this site should be 18+! Especially considering theres no one here to make the site "safe" for the minors. Maybe if you had like a vote for which moderator would be best, it would be okay, us users know each other more than you do... and if that don't work, replace them and don't wait until next year.

I'm not sure what else to suggest, I'm surprised this site is still operating with the amount of porn and illegal activity thats going on, a site thats meant for 13+ should have SUPERVISION, if not, then the site needs to be 18+. randomize
Sent by BryanXx,Jan 25, 2021
Seperate the children, make it 18+. The vote judge idea is horrible.
Sent by Akeria,Jan 25, 2021
just get better mods then last time more trustworthy
doesnt have to be someone whos already on the site and has bias
Sent by rohanprabhu,Jan 25, 2021
Desbanea a mi mujer #Evitaa

No quiero tener que volver a avisarte Randomize
Sent by mindreva,Jan 25, 2021
do not do the voting.....
Sent by ItsAustin,Jan 25, 2021
i like the last 2 except for the mod one you should remove the privelege from reg. tg users and only allow mods to reportt
Sent by rohanprabhu,Jan 25, 2021
how are you going to verify ages accurately this seems like it's more likely to be dangerous than helpful
Sent by Symmetry888,Jan 25, 2021
If a site is deemed 18+ and you enter it, it’s up to you if you’re telling the truth or not. Symmetry888
I’m pretty sure anyway
Sent by BryanXx,Jan 25, 2021
BryanXx and if someone can pretend to be under 18 to prey on minors? that's not fixing anything
Sent by Symmetry888,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by doobee,Jan 25, 2021
Try shutting down the site for a couple of months. Anyone who actually likes the site will come back. People who use it to be weird will move onto somewhere else.
Sent by oswordo3,Jan 25, 2021
Randomize, I have been on this site for 10 years now and I love it. I would be more than happy to be one of your judges or moderators. I would be extremely fair. So when you do this, please contact me. Love you.
Sent by MastaManipulator_11,Jan 25, 2021
Randomize please unban my other account that was my only one on this site
Sent by Crazyrockina,Jan 25, 2021
i am HotTopicEmployee
Sent by Crazyrockina,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by BadBunny,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by Crazyrockina,Jan 25, 2021
Can I please have my old accounts back or at least my old designs from Disneygeek on my current account randomize
Sent by Nikk1Grahame,Jan 25, 2021
Sent by turkeylover,Jan 26, 2021
Sent by lexeyjane,Jan 26, 2021
Questions I read in some posts: 
- Should this site be splitted minors and 18+ ?
Honestly, as others have stated this would be hard to enforce, as people could lie about their age. However, there are many people on TG that call out and report behavior not suitable for a younger population. That said, I think that if mods are appointed, they should be 18+ for sure, and be agreeable as to what constitutes inappropriateness on the site. The report option helps, yes, but there have been some things that have happened that sometimes require quick attention and this could help that.
- Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?
This is an excellent idea, it would need to be diverse, as some has stated, and represent the entire population of TG.
Not everyone will agree on a single set of people, or even half of who may be appointed but I have seen people here look past that when things are fairly represented. Something to think about with this process is that if this group does decide someone is “bannable” what are the next steps?

How much evidence needed for a ban/report?
I know there are some guidelines on this. I think if there are clear guidelines on what’s bannable and then evidence is provided, then that user should be banned. If it’s found that someone falsely accused someone, for example by using editing software to create an image that looks as though the person did something, then that should be bannable. I’ve seen people worry about this before.

This is a great community and it’s good to see people in support of continuous improvements. Thank you!
Sent by BrittBritt,Jan 26, 2021
danielkennedy111 how can you say aquamarine is a good choice to be a moderator

The guy is crazy he also has said some pretty racist comments in the past.
Sent by Joker121,Jan 26, 2021
Randomize you have to be careful you got pedos pleading for moderation here in your comments today. Like the known groomer BengalBoy aka druu aka “wait till your 18 honey I’ll probably be 40 by then but it’s okay true love knows no age”
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jan 26, 2021
When you filter an user, it would be nice not only that he cant comment on your blogs, but that you cant see him in the blogs page or his comments in games.

Cuando filtras a alguien, estara bien que no solo no pudiera comentar en tus blogs, pero que ademas no pudieras verle tu en la pagina de blogs o sus comentarios en los juegos
Sent by bayonetta,Jan 26, 2021
Questions I read in some posts:
- Should this site be splitted minors and 18+ ?


- Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?

No. Like there have been always corrupt mods, these people could be extremely biased and unfair and get advantages punishing people they dont like./No. Al igual que siempre ha habido moderadores corruptos, esta gente podria ser muy parcial e injusta y aprovecharse castigando a gente que no les cae bien.
Sent by bayonetta,Jan 26, 2021
I already can see the biased small council banning everyone who they don't like.
Sent by Katherinee_,Jan 26, 2021
Sent by _Aria,Jan 26, 2021
this is so cringe nothing is gonna happen
Sent by Maxi1234,Jan 26, 2021
Bonico porfavor desbanea a Cacapaloma, ella es una pobre chica que no hizo nada malo.
Sent by Marilise,Jan 26, 2021
randomize please ban the shopers, they open shops with 102819 multis plussing designs in labs!!!
Sent by WorkBitch,Jan 26, 2021
A split between minors would be nice. But also, you should try better advertising for more users and stuff cause games take forever to play. And you should update the games and new ones haven't had those in quite a long time
Sent by DeathIsGreat,Jan 26, 2021
Don’t make me laugh danielkennedy111. Aquamarine would be a terribly biased moderator
Sent by Lemjam6,Jan 26, 2021
Hey rando i am here to help! Let me introduce myself in case you dont know me:

I belong to the .es community and i have been here almost since the beggining of the website and if you are looking for somebody who really know the the spanish community as well as the .com community and somebody that has been involved into the website since the beggining, I am your man!

I speak english and spanish fluently, i am already 32 years old and i am proudly the number 17 of the HoF!
Sent by pancakes,Jan 26, 2021
Sent by PoohSnap,Jan 26, 2021
nice to see you again Rando
Sent by Kevin0621,Jan 26, 2021
Moderation is a must but you need to enforce the moderators to only ban for porn, pedophilia & cheating. All the other small issues should not result in bans that’s why you have blacklisting and moderators are too power hungry for you to allow them to make the rules. brandonpinzu and I tried to change the rules but johneh wouldn’t let us make those “harassment” and other small offenses as just a warning leading to a blacklist instead of banning users over small issues so too many moderators can also be an issue.
Sent by JustMe,Jan 26, 2021
Sent by 13bam,Jan 26, 2021
JustMe That never happened lmao
Sent by Johneh,Jan 26, 2021
Sent by Shawnlolpop123,Nov 27, 2023

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