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Moderators Jan 30, 2021
As you know LeXXXy is now mod in Tengaged.  This is a first step towards creating a larger group of mods to moderate Tengaged in the way you all have requested through personal messages, comments and blogs.

Now, we should help LeXXXy,  I'm sure he will be a great mod.  Very soon new mods will be announced.

About Aquamarine  Yes, I asked him if he wanted to become a mod.  I think he pointed out very good key ideas to help the site, and I appreciate it very much. Unfortunately I think is better to wait due to several reasons, but I really hope we can continue getting his help to improve Tengaged.

And finally,  please..., We can not be requesting mods and just right after anyone is selected start blaming about having them.
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How to ensure safety? Jan 25, 2021
Yes, Reporting works,... it's perfect to provide a safe place?. No

- We tried with moderation
- Then, added user filters
- Added blog/imges reporting
- Added automated blocking of blog/images reporting
- Added users with internal reporting power (capable to delete blogs comments)
- Added User reporting
- ...

Yes, it's not easy... nothing works perfectly. 
Ideas welcome,... please be positive.  I still thinking Tengaged has done lot of good things to many of us, it's a strong community, lets find ways to keep it safe.

Questions I read in some posts: 
- Should this site be splitted minors and 18+ ?
- Open forums with 10/15 tengaged users (judges) to vote for bans, etc. ?
- How much evidence needed for a ban/report?
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13th May 24, 2020
Iteration number 13th.   During last 4 weeks I have deployed 13 releases of Tengaged, each of those with some fixes towards the mobile UI + cheaters/dupes + performance improvements + minor changes.
I have covered about 90% tengaged pages and functionality and hopefully soon I will be able to focus on new topics as I commented earlier.

Today's iteration has few subtles changes in voting from blogs and designs to polls and stars, as well as other actions like apple and keys, etc.
Now account sharing, multis and other cheatings will penalize how votes are counted, as well as some other details like, in casting getting an "apple" could endup counting as poison, etc.  Hopefully I will be gradually adding more penalizations so that making multi's becomes not useful any more.

Design negative votes count full now too.

Additionally I have added now User reporting button.  This reporting should not be used for multi reporting and should be taken seriously,  spamming the "user reporting" will directly mark those and any future reports as not valid.
Anyway I still need to work on the reporting management to make easier the processing of reports created,  Any idea from your side to improve the reporting will be absolutely welcome.

Update 1:
For those who are having some penalizations, please keep few days without sharing accounts, or using proxies to hide under your multis, etc...
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Development status updates May 18, 2020

I'm almost finishing with the different iterations for the mobile layouts, please let me know which areas/pages need to be improved in the comments.  I will like to have them finished as soon as possible.

Underlying multies detection functionality is almost ready too, but obviously this will need a constant "detect and improve" iteration as there's always new ways of cheating and ways to create multies under the radar. 
Some of you have suggested a SMS code verification, this is a good suggestion and maybe it could be added as an optional verification soon, but for the moment I'm still working on transparent detection. 
There's other issue with the multi detection, and this is basically that obviously is different to create just one multi, than creating tens of multis with the purpose of cheating, therefore there will be few levels of penalization in case it's detected.

This detection (in different degrees) will trigger some actions within Tengaged:
- Voting value will be zero  (stars, blogs, designs)
- Joining games will be limited
- Earning in bets will not be added
- Preference in game eviction
- Game/Shop earnings will not be added
- Ban, color level reset

At the same time we need to reduce the incentives for multi creation, so below are some of the possible changes during next week. (any feedback will be very valuable)
- Return of full negative counts for the designs
- No Stars voting for white levels
- No negative voting value for white levels (design, blogs)
- No image posting for white levels

About the shops,  I'm thinking in ways to improve the rotation of shops.  Actually having a shop for few weeks in a row is a way to get lots of T$.  This was the main objective for the game, to give good incentives for designers and shop owners that bring quality items.   
But this is also the main area for a black market of Gifts that unfortunately affects the shop game functionality in a way that makes extremelly difficult for any user to get a shop and even more difficult to get in the Top 3 for the shopping game. 

In few weeks, shop functionality may change a bit:

- No carry on for not used inventary in winning shops
- Less total inventory per shop and increase number of shops (total inventary will remain equal)
- Limit to 5 in a row for a shop?

Finally, I will add a "Report" button to user's profile.  This is to report any behaviour against the terms of this site.  But this alone will not solve any problem. 
We all should protect ourselves and the rest of the Tengaged community from any abuse and predating behavior.
This is a criminal activity and we should all be alert against these dangerous people, we dont want them here!
If you have any suggestion about how to make Tengaged safer from these sick people, please comment or sent me a message.

Thanks for all of you and specially those who have been reporting issues, helping protecting this site and providing feedback and ways to improve it!  :)
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Fixes in challenges when using mobile. May 1, 2020
Today's update is mostly about competitions working on mobile, but unfortunately it was not fully deployed.  This made zoo and find me to glitch on mobiles as pointer locations was not correctly calculated :(    Just made a fix, Please let me know if it works now for those who are trying these comps in mobile.

Sorry about it.

[Update]  Yep, seems the fix didn't work...  I will continue looking for a fix ...  :(

[Update 2]  Now it should be fixed.  All comps should play ok in mobile and pc
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Rendering tests... Apr 25, 2020

I'm now focusing on 2 areas in Tengaged, which I would like to have it fully solved before working on games.
These 2 areas are:
1) Make the site more mobile friendly. So that it's correctly shown in mobile devices.
2) Work on multiaccount detection and any type of cheating.

During the next weeks I will be iterating on both areas and this unfortunately means that the site will have some rendering glitches in some devices and few things will look broken. I'm doing the mobile friendly transition gradually, few areas at a time and pushing them in early stage but in a continous cycle. There're few areas in this release which are mobile friendly, i.e. user's profile pages, but other will not show correctly, i.e. game pages.  Sorry for that but I will be working on it to have everything ready as soon as possible.

About the multi account detection, I've been already looking into ways to improve detection and silently reduce their impact on cheating (voting, multi join, etc..) , things are progressing nicely and I also expect to iterate through it quickly and have it fully ready soon.

Thanks for all your help and support, specially those who are informing about issues on the site or things that can be improve, etc.  I really appreciate it.

Do you have any suggestion on how to improve the site? or the look and feel?, some tengaged logo idea?  Please comment below!  :)
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