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  1. the tengaged population
  2. Missy Payne could call me a fag and spit in my..
  3. Miss Anthropocene Ranking
  4. I wanna cut to the feeling oh yeah
  5. idc if ur bitter bcuz women left
  6. love me love me don't be sweet
  7. don't want ur stupid love
  8. stream lets be friends by Carly rae jepsen
  9. Stream Yikes
  10. orange level tag urself here!
  11. I have picture proof that
  12. I just cant
  13. Alvaro/varlto
  14. James/J2999
  15. Jimmy/bb5lover
  16. Corey/coreyants
  17. this needs to be said
  18. the best gaga album is ARTPOP
  19. im going to make u guys dead bodies
  20. its wild seeing the little 2020 next to each blog
  21. cause im im im im
  22. Vaayu
  23. Parvat
  24. by a vote of 17-0-0
  25. omg wait
  26. Rihanna was run over by Camila caracist
  27. there is a premade in that frooks
  28. Why haven't you told anyone you're
  29. camila cabello is RACIST and we TOLD y'all
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  31. Last Day to Apply to Purple’s Survivor S6!
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  36. im crying
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  39. Purple's Survivor: Karakoram - APPS OPEN!
  40. Purple’s Survivor: Karakoram - APPS OPEN

oops dropped my hydro flask

Sep 11, 2019 by purplebb4


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and i oop
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and i oop and i oop *throws scrunchie* sksksksksksk
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