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As a Muslim

1stMar 15, 2019 by purplebb4
the attacks in New Zealand hit me especially hard. This is a horrific act of terror and murder that should never have occurred, and yet we have allowed the world to create an environment where these sorts of things are the norm. It shocks me and shakes me to my core to see that some people are so vile and so hateful that they would attack a group of people in the middle of worship, a worship that I myself partake in every day as part of my belief in my religion and in God. My community is stricken, but I know that we can bounce back, and my prayers will forever go to the victims of the atrocity.

ALL attacks of this type, whether they be by extremist muslims, white supremicists, or anyone of any other group , are disgusting and horrible, and we as a society need to continue fighting against the hate and twisted ideology that promotes these attitudes and leads to further deaths and massacres. May the victims of this attack, and the victims of those in previous attacks, whether Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Jewish, etc, forever be remembered and forever have condolences extended to their families, whose pain must be unimaginable.

Anyone can be the victim of an extreme act like this, and anyone can be the perpetrators, and let this be another lesson we add to the growing book that encompasses the 21st century. I am only wearing black incidentally today, but to see others wearing it in support of the victims of this challenge is heartening, and I thank those who partake in it.

Much Love 鉂わ笍, BB


ilysm :(
Sent by peace123,Mar 15, 2019
I love you sm sister. <3
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<33333 ily
Sent by Russell11,Mar 15, 2019
love you <3
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Mar 16, 2019
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Sent by 2388,Mar 16, 2019
It hit me hard as well, it's been difficult trying not to cry for the 49 people who lost their lives, but the tears keep falling.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 16, 2019
Sent by Yoko_Homo,Mar 16, 2019

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