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  1. 2 years ago i was blessed
  2. Big stretch!!
  3. plus to send your love <3
  4. <3 <3
  5. well, it looks like im back
  6. dont you
  7. Him >my nephew<
  8. People i really love!!
  9. my nephew
  10. my brother and sister on holiday
  11. got a sprained foot
  12. i think
  13. Whats your best april fools joke been today
  14. enjoying the sun!
  15. BIG FISH little fish
  16. my little brothers new word
  17. did liverpool win
  18. im plussing every1 blogs
  19. nanny mcphee 2
  22. BRB
  23. i missed the charts
  24. my 4 year old brother
  25. my doggy
  26. if you...
  27. I think that
  28. quote from the michael jackson exhibition
  29. i need to know
  30. what are some good dvds
  31. just got back
  32. A Blog
  33. i belive
  34. i luv seeing
  35. I WISH
  36. got her!!!
  37. spending my saturday
  38. whoo adro said
  39. i was havin a conversation
  40. i love it when parents say

my fashion show group

May 30, 2009 by prettyinred
i cant decide who to evict so i need your help tell me the name of the persons clothing you least like.
go to this ^ and click on the links


farside chose a hideous dress. Him.
Sent by Elliott,May 30, 2009
I know that when you ask for it you don't get it here on tengaged, but....yeah, whatever...please don't evict me!!!
Sent by MrCoolMalta,May 30, 2009

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