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No Backstabbing

Sep 29, 2012 by prcsmath
They take really long. What I do find profitable about week games is how fun they can be over the days. We are all busy, so posting may not be great for us. All I needed to do is play the challenges and that is it. I also realized that if any alliances are going to be made. For a fasting, do them in alliances of 3 (or 4 for a backup just in case one is evicted). For a frookies, probably 2 or 3 would be a nice count. For week games, you should  try making only 1 ally. I did that only to chain out for my allies. If my allies don't backstab me, I would be willing to be out just for them to make it.

Backstabbing is not cool. If it is like you just cannot get into the game, then that is an exception (like when my computer crashed). If nobody backstabs me, I would be willing to sacrifice myself for their good.


You have to what you have to do to win
Sent by matthew13,Sep 29, 2012

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