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Good Try!

3rdJan 10, 2017 by pizzawithcookirs

Nobody will be glitching any designs when I'm online :)

These spammers work extremely hard to get shops and it's completely unfair to try glitching their designs.


DrJean worked hard too until gagaluv and her minions voted it down
quit being an SJW, stfu.
Sent by peace123,Jan 10, 2017
peace123 what are you talking about?  I spammed so much!!
Sent by Jenna2010,Jan 10, 2017
Jenna2010 and so did gagaluv and workbitch and probably half the site I get your spam all the time from at least 3-5 people each time you add new designs
I love you and all but hunty please
Sent by peace123,Jan 10, 2017
peace123 the only people that I knew were spamming was me and gagaluv

WorkBitch just did that at the very end as far as I know.
Sent by Jenna2010,Jan 10, 2017
Jenna2010 thats not what i've seen or been told but alright ♥
grats on auction, not sorry I tried glitching it but you won in the end! :*
Sent by peace123,Jan 10, 2017
peace123 in the end i've never done anything to you and I wasn't even online when whatever happened at the end happened.  I didn't even know that anyone else was spamming it until I came online and WorkBitch made a blog...  Also, I was behind DrJean when I left work and I honestly thought I still was.  When I saw it I was shocked.
Sent by Jenna2010,Jan 10, 2017
Jenna2010 It wasn't a personal attack on you. This convo was and I'm sorry for that looking bad at it a few mins later. However I was just told to glitch it and I tried to help glitch it. Only time I've ever glitched and thats because DrJean told me what happened.
Sent by peace123,Jan 10, 2017
Well peace123 I wasn't even online at the time it started happening.  I didn't think my design was going in because when I left work I went to run a few errands and wasn't going to have the time to spam anymore until I returned home.  Either way i'm not mad, you thought you were helping a friend I suppose.
Sent by Jenna2010,Jan 10, 2017
Jenna2010 yeah must have been gag's no life ass spamming it for ya.
All I'm saying is DrJean worked really hard to get them up to auctions, just if hard if not harder than you, and she gets negged by whatever factory workers you guys have behind you at this point. She was shook and the least I could do was help her glitch your design, as ugly as of an act it is on tengaged.
Doesn't matter, people like this guy'll do anything for you. Don't know who he is or what he wants, but he's a keeper ;)
Sent by peace123,Jan 10, 2017
peace123 If it was DrJean 's design in auctions, I would've done the same thing. After a close friend of mine spammed for hours trying to get her designs in auctions and it got glitched, I just thought that it's completely unfair to the spammers who spend so much time trying to get their designs into auctions only to have it glitch.
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Jan 10, 2017
pizzawithcookirs fair enough, I still don't know why you blogged it like you stopped the 3rd world war from happening but like I said fair enough.
Sent by peace123,Jan 10, 2017
peace123 the only reason I blogged it was to just have people more aware that designs are being glitched, so in the future, it'll be easier to prevent.
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Jan 10, 2017
pizzawithcookirs it's been happening for a while though, and it's not like we're a group of trolls aiming to do it to every design that isn't DrJean.
Idk I just thought it was high and mighty to blog about it at least in the fashion you did, I get increasing the bid price but then acting like it was "what jesus would do" is a little extra.
Just a tip for next time, save the blog for jenna or carolyn to make.
Sent by peace123,Jan 10, 2017
peace123 I don't have any factory behind me.  I rarely even get to talk to anyone anymore.  I only started spamming designs again the last couple of weeks.  I am nice to people, you know I always have been but I don't ask anyone to neg designs nor would I.
Sent by Jenna2010,Jan 10, 2017
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 11, 2017
peace123 I'm not sure I understand. Do you recommended that if someone negs a design I'm spamming for a friend, that I should work to glitch people that could possibly be related to it? Sorry, I'm still kinda a newb, but this sounds like complete garbage to me. I MUST be misunderstanding something.
Sent by Jacadu,Jan 11, 2017
Jacadu literally I did it because I was told to
Sent by peace123,Jan 11, 2017

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