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PYN For An Opinion

1stJul 8, 2019 by pinkiepie512
Cuz I鈥檓 in the car for another hour, and I feel like spreading love today. 馃挅

PureEssence - Queen of the Ari stans!!! Girl yes we definitely need to talk sometime soon because I have been meaning to get around to that. XD But you seem super nice and I think we would get along really well especially since we are around the same position in our lives rn. Mail me your skype so I can add you!!!

Delete2544 - I have only spoken to you some from the time I was in the Revivals with you, but you are a cool person!!! I absolutely love your blogs. But I hope we can definitely get to know each other some more though!!!

piesyumyyumypies - Can You piesyumyyumypies Me? I swear to god you are the most messiest child on the planet, but at the same time you crack me up every single time. Besides you having your crazy moments, you have always been super sweet and supportive of me which has made you grow on me a hella lot. Keep being you lil boi!!!

LovelyKiss - Hey I don't know of you, but I believe you were on a previous account?.... Idk, but I absolutely love your avi. I hope we can get to talk sometime!!!

peace123 - CONNOR!!!! Omg I love you so freaking much!!! You are one of my favorite people to talk to in group chats because we get along so well. I absolutely enjoy speaking to you because your funny, sweet, and supportive. I really hope our friendship continues growing cuz your an icon, and I hope I snag my #1 spot on the Alanor rankings for August!!!

Memphis_Grizzlies - John!!!! Lol you are another fun one to talk to in group chats. I absolutely love that you will post the most random photos out of nowhere and even make some of them your skype pics. I also love whenever you help Cam embarrass me lmao. I absolutely love speaking to you because we get along well and you're always there to talk when someone needs it.

iYBF - Anthony I'ma say the same as you did in your PYN.... I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! But from the couple times we have spoken to each other mainly in the Hot Cows, you have always been such a nice guy which I stan. I also loved when you looked out for Alex in that Stars game y'all played in which shows you're very loyal. I hope we can talk soon!!!

BengalBoy - Muscle man Dru!!! You are such an absolute light. Every time we have spoken in group chats or on calls, you have always been such a fun person. You are also a workout beast like me!!! XD I really help that we can continue our friendship especially if I need someone to give me workouts to lie about. LMAO JK. XD

TotalDramaLover1234 - CALEB!!! We have only really spoken on that call we were on that one night, and OMG you left me SHOOK because every time you said something, I related so freaking much. Like dang you are soooo much like me, and I absolutely STAN. Yo we definitely have to talk more because after just talking to you for just several hours, you are someone I need to be friends with because of how much we VIBED. Also I'm still in love with your user name, I love that you're a 12th day baby too, and I love that I sound like a Pok茅mon to you. XD

gabrieltrezza - Ayyyeee Gabe!!! You are such an icon omg!!! I am so glad that we have gotten to know each other from Glen's game and then in all the group chats that we are in together. You are such a cool guy, and I absolutely love when you and Red have your flirting moments LMAO. But I really hope that are friendship continues well and we get to continue knowing each other!!!

TheSexiestDude990 - KING!!!! Omg Julian you know how much I absolutely love the fuck out of you!!! I consider you one of my closest friends on this site because you always have my back, and you are someone I can really trust on here. You have helped me through so much these past couple months when crazy stuff has happened, and I am always so glad to be there for you as well. You are also another one that I click very well with like yasss!!! I love that our friendship has grown so much, and I really hope that it stays strong.

boicam77 - Yes before I go into this, my peepee does still itch!!! XD But anyways, Cam you are like one of my brothers on this site. I am sooo fucking glad me and you have gotten a lot closer in the past like half a year. All the inside jokes, laughs, and fun times we have always had means so much to me. You are so freaking loyal, kind, and just there for all of your friends which is why you are a keeper. I hope our friendship stays strong and you can keep making fun of me more.

purplebb4 - That's my sister!!! Omg I absolutely adore you so much. You have one of the most quirky personalities out there and as do I, so no wonder me and you understand each other well. You are such a supportive and loving guy to me and all of your friends on here. Every single viewers lounge on skype is always a blast to be a part of mainly because of you and Silver along with others. I really hope our friendship continues on!!!

Maddog16 - NOW this is my UNICORN SISTA!!! Oh Madi, you are one of my best friends on this site and you always will be. Literally after meeting you in YTS 6, we have been tight, and I love that so much. You are like my sister on this site. I appreciate you always being the girl on this site I can run and talk to if I need advice. You have always been so sweet and just a full on rainbow whenever I'm around you. I hope our friendship sticks strong, and hopefully I get to come to that grad party you wanted tengagers to come to. XD

Thumper91 - Lauren queen!!! You are such an absolute gem. You are a literal ray of sunshine and any time you blog or I see you say something in a chat, it always puts a smile on my face because of how positive it all it. Like I said in my vlog, you are probably my favorite female on this site, and that is because you are just the most kindest and supportive soul on here which is something I greatly admire. I hope our friendship continues growing!!!

lexeyjane - Yassss Lexey!!! You are also one of the most sweetest girls on this site as well. :D Any time I have spoken to you, we have always gotten along so well with each other. I absolutely love you are loyal to the core to your friends because you have a relationship with many people on here no matter the situation. Your blogs and snaps are also iconic!!! But I really hope that we can definitely talk more in the future because you're a fabulous girl!!!

Bvance1212 - Omg what a loyal king this is right here!!! Billy!!! We have only spoken some especially on that call we went on for Purple's game, but you are just so fabulous!!! You are such a great guy and I really enjoyed getting to know you along with others that night which made that call fun for me. I really hope we can still get to know each other more, and hopefully be in another group game together soon!!!

Guigi - We haven't spoken a ton, but the times I have, you have always proven to be an icon. My favorite thing about you are the funny blogs you make making fun of Matt lmao. You are also such a really nice and cool person. I still stan to this day you gave me a ranking of a 512 on an anonymous ranking blog cuz that is just too good. I really hope we can still get to know each other more!!!

XxLoveWakizaxX - I don't know you at all personally, but first off, you have a cool ass user name like yasss the X's. But for some reason, I just recently discovered that you are another female on this site, so I love that as well!!! I have seen you so much around this site, and you seem like a fun person!!! Hopefully we can talk soon!!!

Minniemax - Alright this one here takes the cake for the biggest queen on this site. GIRL I love you so much!!! You are the most random and funniest girl I know on here, and I absolutely adore all of it. All of your blogs, mails to me, questions, and anything you say in group chats never fails to make me laugh. I really hope we can still get to know each other more because you are just one of the most iconic people I see around here!!!

Arris - Arek!!! We haven't spoken a ton, but whenever the Hot Cows was active and you came in there, I always enjoyed talking to you. You have always been such a nice guy which gets a yass from me!!! XD But I absolutely love your blogs because you say some really wise stuff, and with this craziness of a site, it is definitely much needed around here. I hope we can get to know each other more in the future though!!!

Gay_Horse_ - Lol no we have never spoken before, but I will say I love your user name. Horses are so cute and anything gay is too iconic. XD I actually think you are in a group game with me at the current moment which is really cool, so hopefully I can get to know you some off of that!!!

lionsden121 - Tim!!! My Taurus brotha!!! I absolutely love talking to you because you never fail to make me laugh, and we have always had a good relationship with each other. I love playing interactives  with you and the rest of Love Galore. You are also very loyal especially during YTS when you had my back even when you had to vote me out. I hope our friendship keeps continuing on great!!!

M_Davis1998 - Michael yeee!!! You are such a great guy!!! You are such a passionate person which I absolutely love seeing around. You have always been really nice to me whenever we have spoken in group chats which makes you an awesome person to talk to!!! I really hope our friendship can grow, and YES GRRRRRACE WILL BE SLAYING 1984 SEASON 3 NO CAP!!!

Tester - Drew I don鈥檛 know you super well, but you鈥檙e still fabulous for being one of my top supporters when I played Stars!!! I actually think you were in a group game with me at one point too.... idk. XD But you have always showed interest in being friends with me which I love!!! I would definitely love to get to know you for sure!!!

mbarnish1 - King of birthday presents!!! Omg our friendship has come so far on here, and now you are like a little brother to me. I love you soo much!!! You have always been so supportive to me no matter what I put my mind too which I absolutely appreciate in a friend. You are super caring especially after getting all my friends together for my birthday blog. That meant the absolute world to me. I really hope our friendship continues to stay strong!!!

noobsmoke13 - Livingston king!!! You are such an amazing guy as well!!! You are one of my favorite group game allies because majority of the time we have always looked out for each other and stuck together. I absolutely love getting to play games with you, and just getting to talk to you. I love that you have a theater passion as well like slaay!!! I really hope our friendship stays amazing!!!

cantmanipulateme - Uh hi, you know, I actually think we talked when I was still a noob on here way back in 2016 lmao. But I love your name is Joe because that鈥檚 my brother鈥檚 name!!! But you seem like a cool guy!!! Definitely message me sometime!!!

Yoko_Homo - I don鈥檛 know you well personally either, but I do know you were another one of my top Stars supporters when I played, so I appreciate that very much!!! But you seem like a really cool person, and I love your user name!!! Message me sometime!!!

ItsAlexia - Tyler we don鈥檛 know each other well personally, but even though we had a rough patch, I still think you鈥檙e an awesome guy!!! I loved when I did that Stars cast assessment with you, Joe, and Corey. I also see that you are very loyal to the ones you love which I really like to see on here!!! I hope we can get to know each other better!!!


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