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Pyn Honest Opinion/Compliment

1stAug 27, 2019 by peace123
I'm bored 🤪 so why not
I'm gonna try to make most of them honest opinions but they'll prob just turn out to be compliments as i dont rly harbor ill will towards anyone, in fact i've unfiltered everyone for this, except the bigots. We don't stan racism and sexism in this haus huntea!
EDIT: Plus the blog u fucks omg

#pinkiepie512 - my queen legend icon princess mother amazing bih with a MASSIVE dick, u know I love u sm. You're the queeniest b around and 4 that, we stan. Loved the dog in ur snapchat story from yesterday i think it was, i think u were in class. That was rly cute but I don't message ppl on snapchat so I never told u. Stay poppin queenie
#crimsonteer - fuck you dumb gay idiot, ur a pretty cool guy when ur not bein sensitive haha gay and i love ur presence in my chat. While we're being honest I swear to jesus christ i don't forget about u on the daily stupid rat ur one of my faves
#ShaneDawson12345 - You seem like a pretty nice lad, I remember not liking you on TwoStep but thats because I hated everyone with no reason. Now that I'm not such a lil bitch its p cool seeing u on the blogs page even tho ur blogs r a little wacky sometimes. Keep being you pal, we love it
#Birks4444 - We're just becoming friends again so idrk what to say but u seem pretty good so far and u have good taste @ stanning senorita so thats pretty good. Glad u love being back in buds xx
#Akeria - To be hon idt u rly like me that much which is kinda a feels bad cuz marapets era is one of my favorite memories from the past year. Either way so glad ur allowed to walk free on tengaged again and grace us with ur amazing blogs and comments.
#lexeyjane - The same thing i've always said whenever u comment on my pyns, you seem pretty cool but idk u much. I don't see that changing, so here it is for the 3rd+ time heh. However I will add we LOVE good taste @ ur Lover rankings, idk how it's changed since release at this point but the original was beautiful great work
#purplebb4 - I don't want to clog up the blog with another gif but insert ladygagatalentedbrilliant.gif here bc thats so u bby. I still remember there was a point in time where I didn't like u and I HAVE to laugh because you've since become one of if not my current favorite person on, you're so funny and have good taste and ur overall THAT bitch. Love u xx
#Silver09 - Basically the opposite of purple. Just kidding, we love u. Despite stanning uglies like Ariana ur still so iconic to me and u make me laugh a lot esp when ur wildin with ppl when they try u. I feel like I'm a little harsh to u at times but it's just a joke and regardless like miss Tina you're one of my faves on here for sure. ♥
#maturo - Idt u like me anymore because I rly truly was wildin before I left tg but ur still pretty iconic. I don't follow tg shit anymore and we don't have many reciprocal friends at this point so half the time I have no idea what you're blogging about but still its pretty good when I do get it. Hope ur slaying shit these days ex ex
#darbe - If it isn't Carly Rae Jepsen's one and only stan! Kidding we love her mm. Anyways I hadn't rly seen you around that much before I left for a month or so so idk if you were just layin low or if you recently came back, but either way I'm glad ur deciding to grace the blogs page more and more. I remember the few convos we've had, you're a pretty nice guy so i hope we can chat some more sumtime :)
#s73100 - we love the definition of SKINNY LEGEND. We don't talk much anymore for one rsn or anotha and thats ok cuz I still love u sm. Love seeing u thrive irl on snapchat whenever I check that shit. SOUS. Period
#Kandee_ - We've had our ups n downs like when u PERMED me when i was an inno queen but you're pretty chill. Sucks u lost ur powers but lets be honest we saw it coming considering how toxic the people use this site in 2019 are. Love how despite everything u still have a passion for tg, i can respec that. ♥
#Peace_good - I can tell you're the next big thing on tengaged. I hope you and I become a duo and we take out all these evil doers one by one with all of our peace love and happiness.
#TaraG - Ur such a fucking queen LMAO I know ppl try u all the time and even we've had our past of not liking each other but u SHOVE ur haters off u and thats so good. LOVE the iconic cat pic people have tried to replicate but will never capture the true brilliance of the original. Stan.
#mbarnish1 - you're pretty alright now that we've moved on from our drama. we don't talk for much i believe its best it stays that way but its nice to chat with ya every once and a while. :)
#BengalBoy - Hey bro 👊 you're pretty alright m8 💪 loved your top blog with the drinking gif and ur opinion of me was pretty accurate 😎 keep up the great work, top respect buddy 👍
#mercedes415 - My queen my birth mother. I love u so much u big queenie u, we don't talk dat much anymore besides the occasional hi and u accidentally calling chats, but ur still THAT bitch and ily and patrick so much :3
#NotAfraid - Queen of TBB and the blogs page. My In This Moment stanning sister (hope ur ready for Mother xx) you're quite the joy on the blogs page recently with ur trolling antics and I love the blog series ur doin rn. Keep slaying queen TG is always a better place when ur active :)
#ParvatiS - MOM! Love u so much. I always see u on the top blogs page recently, ur impact. Its time to snag another stars win sister ;) I hope ur doin great these days!! ♥
#J2999 - I love my king legend james2! idk if ur busy or wot ur up to these days but we don't talk much and that's alright, love when u stop by the nerd herd and say hey every once and a while. So proud of ur group game too, I remember walking out on day 2 of season 1 thinking wow this is gonna be a gr8 series hehehe. Love ya ♥
#Thirteen - What an iconic king. Ur THAT devil bitch and I stan ur snapchat streak vids nd shit. They're so good ur a real talent. And ur blogs r always top notch. Thanks for always being good to me. Alanor stans u! xx
Batya - We haven't talked in a while but ur pretty good im sure. Idk i dont rly know what to say cuz i haven't even seen u around recently but i memba that one time u took brittbritt out of survivor so thats pretty iconic i suppose.
chillum - idk too much about u besides the fact that when i came back to tengaged u said "welcome back now plus my spam" and i rly did so that was a mood for sure LMAO
temponeptune - I don't rly have much to say about u at this point we haven't talked in a while! But I remember us being baddies the last time we had a convo so I see u as a king. Hope ur doing good these days xx
Guigi - We haven't rly talked much outside of a few frookies a few months ago and I think we were in some chats together. Ur a kind lad and funny sometimes too so we love.
zorbo678 - idk who u r :( but the second line in ur profile is a mood, so theres a compliment LOL
Thumper91 - BOO CRIMSON! We don't talk much but ur such a queen b Lauren I love my mom. U and Chris will forever be THAT duo, we'll never forget the iconic collab w/ the boyfriend in the background LMAO! Love u queenie ♥♥
eliserose - mmm we love a baddie b. U know I love u, ur a relatable legend, i love my favorite series keeping up with eliserose on snapchat when it airs every few days LMAO also idk how many dogs u have or see on a regular basis but i scream whenever i see a doggy on ur story as well cuz they're just so darn cute! ♥♥
Olympia - I'm SO glad you're back, I see you go inact to act from time to time, but you're literally the funniest person on the blogs page consistently PERIOD! I remember back in the day when we used to be THAT duo at least after we stopped fighting, you have a special place in my heart in my tg history, hope ur doing well these days. Keep up the great blog content ♥
sprtsgy1989 - ur a pretty swell guy, a shady shady stars player but I can respect it. I don't have much 2 say here as we haven't talked outside of our stars game but i like ur blogs so thats somethin heh
gabrieltrezza - King! We don't talk anymore since u decide to leave my chat every 2 days but ur still a pretty good guy. I don't think I could associate u at this point bc you're friends with racist trash, but I don't hold that against u so I see u as a pal.
Judi - queen of awaiting my pyn, although I don't always agree with some of the stuff u blog you're always entertaining whenever you're on the blogs page. Idk if u used to be a former fatty or why u have urself as ur blog pic but I stan u swatting away ur haters when they try you for it. Just some small compliments for you, we don't talk so I can't really say much but I do like you! Keep slaying sister xx
MudkipzFTW - I never know what I'm gonna get with u bc just as we make up u forget that it happens and still think i don't like u or something, at least according to ur last pyn blog hehe. You're pretty alright these days and your content on the blogs page is certainly original thats for sure. Keep doing ur thing pal!
Absol - I never know when to expect you to comment on blogs and they're always so funny and have me shook. U and mastropola rly are the duo the blogs page deserve, his blogs and ur comments. Besides that I don't really know you too well so I don't have much else to say. Keep giving me laughs gal thank u so much xx
TheSexiestDude990 - We haven't talked in a hot sec but I enjoy whenever I happen to see u in the same chat as me or somethin. We've played 2 stars and didn't work together in either, so I didn't rly know what to think of u, but recently (esp for that like 1-2 week period where u were in my chat) I think that ur pretty iconic and I kinda stan. Hope ur doin good these days :)
75937563748 - Screams a tg legend, I think i've told u this in a past pyn blog that u were one of the main people I always saw on tg when I was a noob, for some reason I remember us interacting back in the day but couldn't tell you for what. Either way ur a king! My endings to these pyns r getting stale and repetitive but I rly do hope you're doing well these days!
MarieTori - We love a king, idk what to tell u other than what I always have that you've always been rly nice to me even when some of your friends weren't back in the day :(( So I appreciate that!! Also ur avi is a tg classic for me now. A true iconic staple.
Carlo_Costly - idk you that well, I see you on the blogs page sometimes about various topics that I tend to stay away from LOL so I don't think our paths ever have or ever will cross. But I do hope you're doing well, I don't want to insert myself in your situation or anything but some of ur recent blogs r a little troubling to me :x I am here to talk if you ever need someone and wish u the best :)
Anas - You are a racist cunt. Stop trying to kiss my ass in mails. I don’t fuck with racists, especially when you’re a grown ass man harassing kids half your age. Get your life together, the way you behave is embarrassing. I won’t address you publicly or privately if you stay off my blogs and mails. Ciao. LMAO but rly ur a king, a legend. Super funny, giving us great content on the blogs page. You ain't afraid to say what needs to be said and as someone who does the same I respect that shit sm. Plus ur so much more iconic/funnier than me when u do it ugh maybe I'll just give u any tea I get and let u turn it into a top blog ;). And also yea this was meant to be petty as fuck while also doin a nice pyn, you know how I get down 😏
Daylight - We love Taylor Swift huntea thats all there is to it. U nd I haven't talked in a while so I don't have much to say, and I'm not a huge fan of the Lover ranking u posted :x but the fact that u stan Taylor is enough to be iconic. Hope ur doin good these days!!
Arris - Screams in iconic legend, u rly out here canceling racists nd shit it rly do be iconic. Besides that I don't see u around THAT much anymore, more than a good amount of the people on this blog but still not that much. Whenever I do see u tho ur rly putting ur wit and comical ability to good use or ur just sayin shit straight as it is. Either way I support, I stan, love u, king.
BarbraStreisand - hey BARB, u know how it be sis, we've had our past and we have some weird love hate relationship goin on but I rly do think its best if we stay friendly but not exactly friends, u know? But I do like u a lot, ur Lover rankings r pretty alright, so overall we stan. Hope ur slaying irl fellow future accountant wink
Kelly2722 - We stan a king, idk what happened to u but u seem so much healthier and iconic mentally, I remember back when I first came back to tg your chat was the first chat I was in and we all thought u were a psycho LMAOO but now u seem to be doing great and I like u!! Also we love stanning Taylor. Idk what ur up to deez days but I wish u the best!!
GrrrImABear - Ew wtf get out of here dumb bear. Just kitten heheheh I love my dad. You always have my back and I love u u big loyal legend, its always a joy to see u pop up in my chat esp if u start talking about things we talked about HOURS ago including subway > popeyes chicken. I died tbh. Anyways patcedes is my favorite couple besides alanor wink so glad u guys r thriving ♥♥ again love u sm!!
XxLoveWakizaxX - Idk how u feel about me now bc u HATED me after our last stars but I like you and you'll always be a great blogger even though sometimes I can't relate to anything you're saying at all, but u STILL make that shit entertaining. Stan!
RoboZoe - King of Iron IV! Your blogs are always entertaining I wish you'd blog more but ur probably a busy bee. We loved u on TBB forever and always. Hope ur slaying league these days if u still play that shit 🤪
adeleadele - Wow a controversial lady. Some of ur blogs r over the top for no rsn but I think besides that you get a lot of hate for no reason. You seem pretty alright. We haven't talked recently so idrk what to say u know hehe
Maddog16 - HEY MAD DOG U BIG QUEEN! You don't seem to be on much anymore at least not in my chat, but I love u lots and its always nice when u stop by and say hey! Love u soooo much even tho sometimes u dont think I do for some reason :(( ♥
noobsmoke13 - if u count this as a drag idt i know u :( so I can't rly say anything here. U have a pretty noice first page of friends though so ur cool with me if ur cool with them 😎 maybe we'll talk sometime who knows!
YogscastBigbrother21 - I don't know who u r but i think I saw u in stars once, and I see that u actually won one so that MUST mean ur an iconic legend! Sorry I don't have more but like I said idrk u :(
Maxi1234 - Honestly I'm kinda confused about our relationship at this point bc not even a year ago we were helping each other cope with issues irl or w/e and u were callin me one of ur favorite people on tg and then that kinda just stopped and we havent talked since? Its kinda weird to think about and now I'm not rly sure where we stand, but I get its also my fault cuz I never message first so I get it. Either way love u so much and whenever we do start talking regularly u always quickly become one of my fave people on tg again! Hope ur thriving these days :)


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We don't stan racism and sexism in this haus huntea!

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