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4thApr 12, 2019 by peace123
imageHey its Alanb’s birthday hes rly cute and like the nicest person on tengaged so please leave him nice comments with ur birthday messages nd wish him a happy birthday nd shit.
Also I wasn’t on tengaged to get tg mail messages so I’m rly sor if u were someone I asked last year and wanted to do it again this year, just don’t have u on skype.

purplebb4 - Honestly what more can I say about Alanb1 than that he is THE B1 THE Skinny Legend THE Rich Bitch and THE most robbed YTS Player of All Time! But in all seriousness happy birthday king and thank you for providing me and others with console, lots of laughs, a fun chat and most importantly a incredibly iconic meme. Keep on slaying those luzers, love ya <3

paul028 - Alan! Boy ur an old gay now woo! Our first meeting started off great being in stars but then me nominating u 7 times ruined it slightly! But you have no idea how much you helped me during a rough time and you gave me great advice and talks ily HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Daulton7996 - Alan, you are such an amazing person and a great friend. I’m surprised how close we got so fast. I consider you a really good friend of mine, and I want to wish you an amazing birthday!

spacebryce - Hi Alan happy birthday! Tysm for mending an important relationship to me. We’ve known each other for a while and have always had an off and on relationship but regardless you are still a very nice person and your dog is absolutely beautiful as well. Have a great bday!!

j2999 - Alan Bee Juan <3333 have like the best birthday ever, you're amazing. We've been so tight for well over a year now, you've always been there for me, and are such an allround great guy. I don't think I've called with / talked to anyone on this site more than I have you, and that's perfect. So much love for you, hilarious, fun and easy to talk to, also when you pretend to be your brother messaging us is cute LMAO. So glad and grateful I know you, never change, and have a perfect day. Love you <3

mrbird - Okay so today is analb1’s birthday and I’m happy cause I get to remind him how his name is literally anal and then the b after that doesn’t make it any better lmao n e ways congrats on getting older don’t forget to stay hydrated

boicam77 - Happy bday Alan aka THE B1. We legit just recently met and you are so iconic with your hi little piggies copypasta and trying to figure out how to use AirPods. Sure, you may have thought I was cocacola__96, but I’m still wishing you a happy birthday! Enjoy the day ms B1, your iconicness deserves it.

harrywasnak - Alan B I love you and I miss you. We don’t get to talk as much anymore, but I love catching up with you and venting or just spilling tea about boys. You mean so much to me and I hope you have an amazing 20th birthday. Starting college will be way easier for me when we’re doing it together. Happy birthday <3

pinkiepie512 - “Alan, you are such a fabulous person!!! Thank you so much for being an awesome friend, and someone very supportive. I hope you have a blessed birthday!!! Love ya!!! 💖" ~ Grrrrace

crimsonteer - Hey analb1 thank you for being the reason I’ve met so many great people, yes you’ve become different from when I first met you and idk how to feel about it! We’ve talked like 3 times in the past year of 2018 but you did help me get over morgan and now I’m dating cute ass Lexi, anyways ily hun and I hope your birthday is so good just like u

bambino - Alan babe!! Ilysm Happy Birthday. You are a true king and I’m so glad to call you a friend. Just like Connor you’re always up and ready to be by my side when I’m arguing with somebody and I absolutely love you for that, thank you for being a friend. I hope you have the BEST day ever today and don’t let anyone ruin it Periodt!

Josh742 - Happy b day b <3 u know ilysm and I will write you out a cute little message in my signature way later!! Hope u have a cute day xoxoxooooxo and hope
Ur bday wish comes true!!!

eliserose - HAPPY BIRTHDAY B1 SKINNY LEGEND!!!! Can’t believe ur 20??? Seems like just yesterday u won my frooks vote to win ;) GRATS ON MAKING IT PAST TEENAGE PREGNANCY!!! I’m so glad we’re finally becoming friends again cuz I’ve missed u and ur amazing humor LMAO have an amazing hope it’s as great as you cutie :*

s73100 - Alan BEE ONE. Sometimes ur really weird, sometimes ur really cool, and sometimes ur really gay. But at the end of the day ur a pal so i hope u have the best birthday and go party it up w/ ur man peace one two three hehe hope u get lots of good gifts and maybe go to iceland again since u are there like every week. !! Happy birthday from ur favorite fish bish.

Thumper91 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN!!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever sweet boy live it up and enjoy every moment of everyday. Take time to smell the roses learn to love laugh and all the good in life bc there’s more to be happy for than there is to be upset about love you ♥️☺️

Grrrimabear - GASP oh my gosh hi little piggies I- I mean uh, happy birthday to the LEGEND himself, Al En Bee Juan. You're a funny chap that is one of the few people on tengaged that is smart enough to know how to walk the line of being funny, being a troll, and being a sweetheart xx. I love getting to chat with you in our groups and you've been there for me one on one when I was struggling and needed someone and it really meant a lot to me. I know that now you're too busy traveling the world to bother with us loser peasants on this site but that's okay because I know you're out there living your best life. You're the greatest thing to ever happen to Connor and I'm glad that he has a solid cock he can always depend on and I-, oh, sorry, I meant solid rock, but hey, I'm sure that he enjoys the other as well. Don't forget to celebrate your birthday by sending Connor the most tasteful (or not-so-tasteful if that's your preference!) nudes to ConCon for your birthday because that bitch deserves a bag and a bow because he's your gift this year c: I love you and hope you have a good one dude <3

BigBrotherDonny - Cackles in Cardib1 (Cardi)
I love you and your useless snapchats that you send to everyone even if they don’t care about it! Jk love you sister!! I hope you have an amazing day AlanB. You mean so much to me and you’re a true legend. I hope to be friends with you no matter what and I’ll continue to defend you in any situation possible. Happy birthday, have the best day ever sista!! <3

bengalboy - Alan Bone! Who woulda thunk it, you've finally reached the big 2-0 (party). You've come a long way from being a yung str8 boy dating Dhucking Quacks to today and, hoo boy, has it been a wild rollercoaster ride *lets out a hearty chortle* I hope today Connor gives you plenty of nudes and your fam takes you on a special birthday family walk. Top respect lil bro and keep doing u

birks4444 - Alanb1. THE B1. THE RICH BITCH. THE SKINNY LEGEND. You really are all of those things. IK ur not a sappy person but you’re such a teddy bear gosh, so ILL be sappy. You are one of my FAVOURITE people. On teen-aged and you’re honestly so funny, you always make me laugh. I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and calling you and you know who will always be one of my favourite memories. You have helped me grow as a person on here and helped me through some big problems. You and Connor are like FAIRY GODMOTHERS. I love you so so so so much and can’t believe you’re 2 decades old gasps ILY ALAN HAVE A GREAT DAY <3

passionfruit - Alan. When my Tengaged social game was darkening to a minimum... you were the light at the end of the tunnel. You were always super sweet since the beginning, just a ray of positivity who supported his friends and was (and still are) super nice to everyone. I owe a lot to you, as you introduced me to many of the friends that I speak to today. You're a doll, and I hope you have a great birthday. Love you <3 - Ellis

blujay112 - hi alan it’s your most-likely rocky road ice cream pal you have gotten to know for the past few years, but I’m hear to wish you a happy birthday because you’re becoming more and more an adult, and it makes me happy to see. You’ve definitely grown, and much like myself, we both have miles to walk until we see our imperfections turn to assets and reasons to smile every morning. Hoping you enjoy the big day, big girl.

iigalaxyii - alan buks! my motherfucking! best friend! i can always count on you to be there for me when i'm upset or struggling. you know how to put a smile on my face so quickly and i'm so thankful you've entered my life. you give the best advice ever and your energy gives me LIFE! you deserve the world and so much happiness and i'm so happy with all that you accomplished in the short amount of time i've known you for. you care so much about ur friends and really show others what it's like to be a good freaking person. you're the richest and most beautiful boy i know. love u and have the best birthday ever <3

paige54 Happy Birthday smelly! I know it's been a while since we've talked since you're a flop and the last time you've ever checked your snap messages might be during another decade but I hope you have a great birthday where you eat rich people food like you usually do and also where you play with your dog that is 2nd best to buddy but still an icon! 🎂

Saving the best 4 last:
If I ever want this blog to post without getting rid of half the tags I just need to post it as a gyazo and u can read on ur own time LMAO am so sor I LOVE U! Happy Birthday. ♥


Additional Messages:

Crimsonennui - alan you are one ugly bitch, happy birthday you bitch
RedsKanto - Happy Birthday Alan! SLAYYYYYYY!!!
2388 - Alan <3 you are fucking crazy and sometimes annoying but I love u and never stopped thinking ur amazing, happy birthday kinggg
mercedes415 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN!! I hope you have an amazing day! Hope 20 treats you well :)
Pisces - Yay happy birthday mom. Hope u slay ur bday mwah 💋
Arris - Happy BDay Alan < 3 hope u have a good one bud
RoboZoe - happy birthday hope u get a life for your bday
memphis_grizzlies - Hi alan and Happy Birthday! we don't talk as much as we like but ur a very funny and nice guy that is a joy to be around. Have an awesome b-day with a lot of fun! :D
RedFabFoxy - Happy birthday B1!!! <3 I hope you have an iconic birthday for the icon that you are, and I hope you continue slaying your haters :3
c_shizz96 - Alan! Happy Birthday hun! I adore your company and I hope you have the best birthday ever! ♥️♥️
@bblover567 - Happy birthday Alan king you are one of the nicest people on tengaged I have ever met and I hope you have a blessed birthday #AriesGang we love it
@maddog16 - Dearest Alandaddy you are the best dad ever and I'm sorry you were voted out in YTS All Stars anyway happy birthday king I love you
@goodkaren - Happy Birthday Alanbee 🐱 you're such an icon whenever you talk in the budtatoes chat and Alanor is so iconic so I hope you have a great birthday 💖
@Moxii b1, the father of my tg revival. love you so so sooooo much, but not too much... that'd be gay. i hope you have a wonderful birthday, kiss kiss.
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bblover567 - Happy birthday Alan king you are one of the nicest people on tengaged I have ever met and I hope you have a blessed birthday #AriesGang we love it
maddog16 - Dearest Alandaddy you are the best dad ever and I'm sorry you were voted out in YTS All Stars anyway happy birthday king I love you
goodkaren - Happy Birthday Alanbee 🐱 you're such an icon whenever you talk in the budtatoes chat and Alanor is so iconic so I hope you have a great birthday 💖
Moxii b1, the father of my tg revival. love you so so sooooo much, but not too much... that'd be gay. i hope you have a wonderful birthday, kiss kiss.
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Imagine this many people caring about you?

Can’t relate!
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Yes, Alan. We have been waiting to celebrate your life once again. Now the day is here.
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happy bday alanb1 ily
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I’m not on skype so I didn’t get to send a message but alanb1 you know I love you son and I hope your birthday is amazing cus you’re amazing and wonderful and beautiful and special and all the fuls that exist and you deserve nothing less than the very best because you have such a wonderful heart ugh Ilysm 🥰❤️🎪🤹🏻‍♀️🤹🏼‍♂️Yes that’s a circus only cus it exists now. Anyway less about me more about you HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ALANBONE
Sent by JustMe,Apr 12, 2019
AlanB, u da one,
hope you have, lots of fun
Please enjoy these sick bars
join & slay, the next stars

Mic drop peace123 weighs 123
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stay hydrated
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Happy birthday alanb1!!
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That banks song is one of her best +8 Happy Birthday alanb1
Sent by Streamxx,Apr 12, 2019
Happy bday B1 you are a skinny legend and thanks for keeping eachother sane in ponderosa <33
Sent by Vlad21,Apr 13, 2019
Lol Are you all delusional.
Sent by me2013,Apr 13, 2019
he can go honey
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THANK U ALL FOR THE SWEET COMMENTS thirteen coreyants batya justme woeisme streamxx vlad21 me2013 barbrastreisand

Lucky to have all the ppl who took part in this blog as well as all of you in my life 😭
Sent by alanb1,Apr 14, 2019
OMG almost forgot taurusmoon ❤️❤️❤️ That was so iconic
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