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4thAug 8, 2018 by peace123
image hash
I can't believe you'd really try to come after me. I suck at stars but at least I haven't used a multi in my life to win one and THEN act like tengaged actually loves me. JustMe SHOULD have won that stars game and here is the proof!

Make sure to enlarge the image if you can't see what it says
and this one came automatically enlarged whenever i copy pasted image link so im sorry but its way easy to read once you navigate around it

The fact that you'd pay THIRTY DOLLARS out of the apparently only 180 you had for a STARS WIN is insane to me, especially since Sue was in finals with you and she's a good friend of yours.

Just in case any of you care or want to laugh at Sandy's stupidity and cheating
XxLoveWakizaxX LMFAO SIS YOU MUST BE BALD AT THIS he had the AUDACITY to taunt us when he's a CHEATER.
coreyants you're embarrassing but at least you aren't this bad
BigBrotherDonny I CANTTT
rozlyn LISA
Kandee_ u are/are friends with admin what are your thoughts on this 16th place queen?

Also as a bonus, here is maturo NOT paying for a stars win! what a king. Vote for him to win this week!


Ametrine Godlin
Sent by s73100,Aug 8, 2018
😳 is this real
Sent by JustMe,Aug 8, 2018
Yes it is justme
Sent by s73100,Aug 8, 2018
Wow. I have no words.
Sent by JustMe,Aug 8, 2018
Yes JustMe it is. Embarrassing right? And after he attacked you too. What a psychopath
Sent by peace123,Aug 8, 2018
yeah it is real lol justme
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Aug 8, 2018
Sent by FighterMan,Aug 8, 2018
This is crazy peace123 bigbrotherdonny
Sent by JustMe,Aug 8, 2018
Sent by Jenna2010,Aug 8, 2018
goodkaren check this tea I bet he had trouble doing this to you a few months ago lmao
Sent by FelipeS,Aug 8, 2018
What a friend! JustMe peace123
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Aug 8, 2018
Legend maturo
Sent by astone929,Aug 8, 2018
Wow wow wow rlly sandy
Sent by BeastBoy,Aug 8, 2018
*checks tea*
Sent by GoodKaren,Aug 8, 2018
maturo has never won without using any multis quit being delusional lol

Anyways they both deserved the win. Justme kinda robbed. TBC won back to back so we gucci.
Sent by EyooMarcus,Aug 8, 2018
oh my god you just slammed those receipts
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Aug 8, 2018
Hunny there's proof of you wanting to buy multis too sis eyoomarcus
Sent by s73100,Aug 8, 2018
I'd rather spend 30$ on weed than to win an online big brother game
yikes @ that
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Aug 8, 2018
I can't be mad when someone plays by the rules allowed...If people would have fixed multis this would be a different story...
Sent by NexusCain,Aug 8, 2018
Sandy is pathetic
Sent by semajdude,Aug 8, 2018
We stan a filthy sister Hash actually eat cows milk.
Sent by yoshicoolman,Aug 8, 2018
EyooMarcus he's always used his own multis but he doesnt have them anymore, and when Bryce offered he declined. Thus "those days are behind me". Never said anything about his other wins. We found proof of you doing it too but I didn't blog it because I wasn't in that stars, but yeah I wouldn't talk if I were you x

XxLoveWakizaxX LMFAO I could think of a million better things to spend 30 dollars on than a tengaged stars win like its so pathetic

NexusCain the only reason JustMe, aka Sandy's friend, joined was because there were no more multis from what she knew. Sandy knew this and multi'd himself the win.The fact that she was multied out of a win by someone who was her friend is SO pathetic so although admin at that time didnt have a clear list of multis its a big yikes that happened especially knowing Sue wanted to play multi free and knowing that Admin was on the site
Sent by peace123,Aug 8, 2018
peace123, she knew the site wasnt multi free because she knew and told me that admin didnt have the power to check IPs while in the game. i understand ur sad for Sue, but i paid good money for that win :)
Sent by Hash,Aug 8, 2018
hash "i paid good money for that win" LOOOL do you hear yourself right now you literally couldn't sound more pathetic just stop talking
Sent by peace123,Aug 8, 2018
hash it was before admin told all of Tengaged he didn’t have tools to access ips so no you’re incorrect in your statement but hey like you said stars means a lot to you
Sent by JustMe,Aug 8, 2018
peace123 understand both are my fam so I'm just staying neutral lol...
Sent by NexusCain,Aug 8, 2018
NexusCain yeah and JustMe is one of the best people i've met on here and is my queen legend but I'd still call her out on it if she acted how Sandy acted. I get he takes this site very seriously so calling him out on his wrongs is a no no to you but that kind of person is toxic to the community anyways even when they're not cheating
Sent by peace123,Aug 8, 2018
won't lie, I'm kinda disappointed. and Bryce is a loser. I can't wait till he grows up and thinks back, "Wow, all of the productive and personally enriching things I could've taken part in that I missed because I spent my time multi'ing people out in stars. I could be a completely different person."

Its unfortunate that this is true. And it also proves Bryce was responsible for my loss. A game that was even more deserving than hash's. All I can say is at least he wasn't a terrible winner and played the game.
Sent by KrisStory,Aug 8, 2018
He paid real money to win??? I rather play real money on apps that let me win real money.
Sent by capguy1,Aug 8, 2018
peace123, toxic coming from you is RICH AS. after a user used his whatever accounts to vote me to win stars, i gave him money. i understand that is a REALLY BIG DEAL to you. but toxic? give me a break. toxic is half the shit you spew bro
Sent by Hash,Aug 8, 2018
KrisStory oh definitely, no denying. but Sue played the game too and the population wanted her to win. For her friend to take that away from her is a big yikes even if they went unnominated and played the best stars game ever played
hash im not toxic at all LOL you literally never talk to me so I don't know why you're acting like you know me. give me some proof like I did about you being a pathetic cheater despite trying to gloat about your win and then we can talk x
Sent by peace123,Aug 8, 2018
Yeah there's no doubt it tarnishes his legacy, unfortunately. peace123
Sent by KrisStory,Aug 9, 2018
Oh wow
Sent by Roshy,Aug 9, 2018
hash get that money returned he sold u out
Sent by Minie,Aug 9, 2018
I mean this is not a site that pays real money or there is a bonanza why would people pay just for some games lol.
Sent by ilovetosing,Aug 9, 2018

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