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🇺🇸CBBUS Episode 3 Rankings🇺🇸

10thFeb 10, 2018 by peace123
Episode 1&2 Rankings:
Like was said in the last one, this WILL have spoilers but I the spoiler tag is ugly so I won't be clicking on her.
I'll also start tagging people now so pyn if ur interested in tht

1. Shannon (+2) - Literally TORE my weave right off. For such an emotional player she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and make moves that need to be made for her game. Love the Shannon/Brandi/Marissa/Ross/Ari alliance and I'm so excited to see where it goes
2. Ross (-1) - I. LOVE. ROSS. My favorite player of the season so far by FAR, Shannon just went IN this episode so I had to support her. Love him SO much though and I can see him going really far. The fact that he was the first to call out Keshia's dumbass move and plant the seed for the destruction of the all girl alliance was pure genius.
3. Brandi (+2) - I wish she got more airtime but the airtime she did get she went SO IN on Omarosa I was so fucking shook I can't. Her relationship with Ross is ICONIC and I can't wait for them to slay their ways to the top.
4. Omarosa (-2) - Omarosa was still a fierce queen this episode but she supported Keshia's move hard and it was so stupid of her to do so. Hope she recovers from this slight loss and can get some footing back, Keshia is not a good ally like please stop
5. Marissa (-1) - She's laying low right now but I still love her so so much. Hope she gets back up there because she had me dying the first episode!
6. Ariadna (+0) - Had some iconic moments especially rejecting James but otherwise boring
7. Keshia (+0) - By far the worst female, really stupid and didn't deserve HoH but I'm glad it happened so Shannon and Ross became WOKE. Hope she leaves soon!! Better than the men tho
8. Chuck (+0) - Idk hes gone now thats good. He showed he has some personality but eh won't be missed honestly. Also my predicted first boot so that was fun
9. Mark (+0) - Still annoying and unfunny
10. James (+1) - Still trash but not as trash as Metta
11. Metta (-1) - See #9

Point Totals of the season so far (1st = 11 points 11th = 1 point):
1. Ross - 31
2. Omarosa - 29
3. Shannon - 27
4/5. Marissa - 24
4/5. Brandi - 24
6. Ariadna - 18
7. Keshia - 15
8. Mark - 10
9. James - 5
10. Metta - 4
?. Chuck - 12/3 = 4 Points


this is amazing
Sent by alanb1,Feb 10, 2018
alanb1 you're amazing :3
Sent by peace123,Feb 10, 2018
hey look 4 straight guys in the bottom 4 what a shocker
Sent by ghrocky100,Feb 10, 2018
ghrocky100 maybe if they weren't atrocious then they could be higher? I stan many actors and musicians that are men, they didn't cast any good ones so its not my fault. A lot of people have them as their bottom 4 it has nothing to do with gender and it's sexist to assume so
Sent by peace123,Feb 10, 2018

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