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  40. 🇺🇸CBBUS Episode 6 Rankings🇺🇸

🇺🇸CBBUS Episode 1 & 2 (Late) Rankings🇺🇸

8thFeb 9, 2018 by peace123
Just watched with alanb1 literally what a fucking iconic show. Sucks the cast is a bunch of D-listers but at least they're fierce D-listers. This list WILL have spoilers for both episodes 1 and 2 but I'm not gonna bother with a spoiler warning bc who is she

Episode 1:
1. Omarosa - How can this legend not be in your top 3 at least like her edit was fucking LEGENDARY and the political propaganda this season is gonna give us is the whole reason this show was MADE. Fierce queen I stan.
2. Ross - Honestly annoying in his intro however he is SO fucking funny and just everything about him is amazing. Another quality legend in a cast of boring D-listers
3. Marissa - Had me DYING the whole time. So silly and quirky and funny and just overall what I STRIVE to be. Loves her
4. Brandi - Honestly thought she would be my #1, like Marissa she had me dying the whole time but the exchange with James brought her down a bit as it was unnecessary but overall queen.
5. Shannon - Sooo sweet since the start and I loved how she got the female alliance going and also won the HoH against strong men showing that women WILL prevail in the first ever CBBUS game!
6. Ariadna - Intro had me cackling but otherwise kinda boring so far. Hope to see more of her but I have a feeling she'll just float
7. Keshia - Another MotR pick, literally who?
8. Mark - He's not funny and really annoying but hes better than the rest of the men.
9. Chuck - Gross, ugly, weird, boring, stale, wtf is he doing here
10. James - Sooooo annoying and cocky. If he isn't one of the first 3 boots I'll cry.

Episode 2:
2. Omarosa (-1) - WAYYY less airtime than episode one I was shocked. She's so powerful in this game rn tho and I love that and I love her. She tells it as it is and I support that.
3. Shannon (+2) - Pretty obvious she's an actual fan of the game and is there to play and slay. Funny as well when she deals with the stupid inferior men of the season and overall just earned this spot I feel!
4. Marissa (-1) - Still a legend, just a bit more irrelevant this episode. Would like to see more of her! Not using the bag was legendary.
5. Brandi (-1) - Pretty much same as Marissa, she didn't do too much!
6. Ariadna (+0) - Again just pretty irrelevant
7. Keshia (+0) - Yaas mom slay the recast! I thought her nominations were pretty stupid though as allowing James to play was probably not the best choice.
8. Chuck (+1) - Although him using the bag was annoying he at least had a bit more personality than Mark which is why he passed him for this episode
9. Mark (-1) - Still find him annoying so ^
10. Metta (+1) - Literally such a garbage person and gameplayer and ugh. WHY PLAY IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE THERE. Frustrating and sad that this is the best they could find.
11. James (-1) - I don't even care that he is against my faves. Its just that he is STILL so cocky and annoying when he's making stupid decisions left and right. He was obviously gonna go up in any scenario so why didn't he use the bag? Thank god though I hope he fucking leaves

Also gonna keep a point total for the episodes. 1st place = 11 points 11th place = 1 point, then divide that by the number of episodes that they were on for and it should give me a statistical ranking by the end of the season!
1/2. Omarosa/Ross - 21 Points
3. Marissa - 17 Points
4. Shannon - 16 Points
5. Brandi - 15 Points
6. Ariadna - 12 Points
7. Keshia - 10 Points
8/9. Mark/Chuck - 7 Points
10/11. Metta/James - 3 Points

My table so far, also excuse the quality I have no clue what happened to it


( >.< )
Sent by alanb1,Feb 9, 2018

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