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  1. My theme song for when
  2. hey just failed my math test
  3. My hero
  4. if you join a stars with a premade
  5. Message from Paige54:
  6. 🔪 🔥PLAY DESTROY🔥🔪
  7. 🔥🙃#STAN GRIMES🙃🔥
  8. 💋Thank U, Next💋
  9. 👸👸JOAN OF ARC👸👸
  10. 🎉Charli XCX Saved Pop🎉
  11. 👑♥LADY GAGA♥👑
  12. ♥Hair Body Face♥
  13. ♥Is That Alright?♥
  15. ♥Why Did You Do That?♥
  16. ♥Diggin My Grave♥
  17. ♥Always Remember Us This Way♥
  18. ♥Heal Me♥
  19. ♥The Cure♥
  20. ♥Diamond Heart♥
  21. ♥A-yo♥
  22. ♥Joanne♥
  23. ♥John Wayne♥
  24. ♥Dancin In Circles♥
  25. ♥Perfect Illusion♥
  26. ♥Million Reasons♥
  27. ♥Sinners Prayer♥
  28. ♥Come To Mama♥
  29. ♥Hey Girl♥
  30. ♥Angel Down♥
  31. ♥Grigio Girls♥
  32. ♥Just Another Day♥
  33. ♥Aura♥
  34. ♥Venus♥
  35. ♥G.U.Y.♥
  36. ♥Sexxx Dreams♥
  37. ♥Jewels N' Drugs♥
  39. ♥MANiCURE♥
  40. ♥Do What U Want♥


2ndJul 21, 2017 by peace123


saraj10 is a queen, not because of what she said to the hoh, but because that's my own personal preference because she has always been lovely to me.

And she is far from fat. I think you need glasses.

yess @ sexgoddx tho < 3
Sent by Blitszims,Jul 21, 2017
Blitszims why is ur head up Sarah's ass so much?
Sent by dwipeouts,Jul 21, 2017
Blitszims I get that, I wasn't directing it towards you though. I had this drafted before your blog, I'm sorry if it came off that way. You're also not condoning her actions, so I respect that.

Also I'm not trying to say she's fat. But she's nowhere near perfect. NOBODY is. So the fact that she thinks she can act like a bitch and make personal attacks because she got nominated is so stupid.

And yes, loves Malibu ♥
Sent by peace123,Jul 21, 2017
dwipeouts she's been my friend for years on here. i don't turn against my friends
Sent by Blitszims,Jul 21, 2017
Sara's pussy is fat
Sent by Carsonl,Jul 21, 2017
^ true
Sent by saraj10,Jul 21, 2017
^ prove it
Sent by Tripod,Jul 21, 2017
You are annoying
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Jul 21, 2017
aaronstevens4444 literally all your blogs are about Sara, so I guess it takes an annoying person to know one right?
Also on the topic of that, are you guys like brother and sister? Dating? Or are you just obsessed with her and she doesn't reciprocate? I'm guessing the 3rd one because that's how it looks like to me. ^^
Sent by peace123,Jul 22, 2017
Well you just proved my point by your comment. Thanks!
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Jul 22, 2017
aaronstevens4444 and yours mine, thanks.
Sent by peace123,Jul 22, 2017
peace123 sis since when do you ever spill this kind of tea?
Sent by EyooMarcus,Jul 22, 2017
EyooMarcus I usually don't that's why I'm shook that this got on the top blogs page
Sent by peace123,Jul 22, 2017
QUEEN saraj10
Sent by ElectraViv,Jul 22, 2017
Queen saraj10
Sent by Ari_,Jul 22, 2017
I'd rather be fat than ugly. You can't be ugly & a bitch. Pick a struggle is what I say.
Sent by AlyssaB,Jul 22, 2017
Not being funny Deeanna isn't even fat though she needs to worry about her own self and her lack of weight
Sent by aria_grande,Jul 22, 2017
aria_grande tea
Sent by peace123,Jul 22, 2017
Sent by aria_grande,Jul 22, 2017
Fat people are disgusting.
Sent by Scononduders,Jul 22, 2017

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