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♥So Happy I Could Die♥

16thMay 21, 2016 by peace123


Sent by Darrel42,May 21, 2016
+++++++++++ im bald
Sent by Lemjam6,May 21, 2016
Hope you feel better!
Sent by Bryce12,May 21, 2016
Pretty fucked up of you to post this just because he's busy or doesn't want to speak to you rn, clearly be isn't the bad friend,that would be you.
Sent by sosyomomma,May 21, 2016
wtf my 2 day relationship w bryce12 was talking about soccer or that we hated life why wasnt he that sweet to me :c
Sent by Petro,May 21, 2016

At the time of when he made the blog, I was in league. and that's why i wasnt talking to him. I wasn't ignoring him on purpose. But it's w/e :P

Petro cause soccer was literally my life when we dated
Sent by Bryce12,May 21, 2016
wtf I miss you
Sent by eliserose,May 21, 2016
Agreed sosyomomma
Sent by AlyssaB,May 21, 2016
sosyomomma and bryce12 that's not true at all.
How it DID go is that Bryce didn't talk to me for almost a whole week even though I've messaged him at least 2 times with no response, not to mention that he takes literally 10+ minutes every message to respond because he's "busy"
and idk if you know Bryce, but Stars and playing/watching soccer is basically his whole life, so I know he can't be THAT busy ALL the time.
As for Bryce saying he was in league, you messaged me DURING THE LEAGUE GAME and then when I responded you then proceeded to ignore me. As of now, I STILL haven't receieved a message from you even though you can message me even when I'm not on your friends list. Even if you closed the tab, you still haven't responded in mails.
eliserose I miss you too hun xx
Sent by peace123,May 21, 2016
Omg hay peace!
Sent by Galaxies,May 21, 2016
Please find where you messaged me and i didnt reply,
if i dont reply on league you probably should message me on kik if you rlly need me and i've told you that before.
Sent by Bryce12,May 21, 2016
Peace123 message me sometime :( < / 3
Sent by eliserose,May 21, 2016
Galaxies hey fam ily! < 3
Bryce12 I sent you a message before I deleted you LOL and I deleted kik AS I TOLD YOU IN THE MESSAGE I SENT!
But I didn't really need you; I asked you if we were going to play tonight and you attacked me just for speaking to you. Besides if I messaged you on kik what would it matter considering you probably wouldn't check until the next day LMAO and even if you did check tonight it would be after the league game anyways so whats the point?
Sent by peace123,May 21, 2016
lmao at you thinking you're some badass for posting his pms with tyler. who fucking cares this just shows bryce12 cared a lot about tyler and that isn't something we should laugh at??? but good job you did try to "expose" him for nothing
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,May 21, 2016
eliserose I have nothing to message anyone on anymore lol rip =[
EliOrtiz1234 I don't think I'm a badass by any means lol. This also shows that Bryce is a whiny bitch and personally I found them funny and so did the people I showed them to in the past so I posted them, not to think of myself as any better than Tyler or Bryce but because I needed to get a message across. XOX
Sent by peace123,May 21, 2016
Sent by Delete2544,May 21, 2016

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