Big Brother and online Hunger games.

the old comps were FLASH games

2ndMay 11, 2020 by paul028
and Adobe flash is shutting down in december 2020


This needs to be a top blog just so people see it.
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,May 11, 2020
Sent by iGolder,May 11, 2020
Sent by purplebb4,May 11, 2020
iGolder once Flash shuts down flash games will stop too, if old comps came back they'd crash on December 2020.
Sent by paul028,May 11, 2020
well randomize should get his act together and make them for whatever is replacing flash
Sent by lemonface,May 11, 2020
Idea: Let us play match 3 for 7 months then just kill the site in december
Sent by peterya,May 11, 2020
@ me next time
Sent by Nikkayy,May 11, 2020
why did he eliminated the challenges 3 years ago?
Sent by FabioHenrique,May 11, 2020
Yes, I thought this was general knowledge but I guess not!! People seem to actually be confused by this.

Ive always said “bring the old comps back, but reformat them to the current era”.
Sent by zachbbs,May 11, 2020
convert to HTML5
Sent by Aquamarine,May 11, 2020
Thanks for the info! I thought the old comps are not flash supported.
Sent by Yeonjun,May 11, 2020
Yes if people been paying attention many sites are switching away from flash for a while because of this fact
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,May 11, 2020
yea like Aquamarine said you can just remake 'em in HTML5 lmao
Sent by BengalBoy,May 11, 2020
What lemonface said.
randomize the new ones make this site lame and unexciting.
Sent by drb00m,May 12, 2020
Sent by Electric,May 12, 2020
I'm not too advanced in computer science, but from what I understand after living with a techie in undergrad is that it isn't that difficult to port Flash games to be compatible with HTML5 which is what's replacing Flash.
Sent by Sludge,May 12, 2020
Just realized this was already stated ^^^^
Sent by Sludge,May 12, 2020
Nah honestly the only way we will get the old comps is that if he repurposes them and recodes them for the new types of comps
Sent by J4ckWilko,May 12, 2020
Sent by Mario23,May 12, 2020
Thanks, pluss u
Sent by Nenikoo,May 12, 2020
Also you could still use cheat engine in the old comps
Sent by GoodKaren,May 12, 2020
ah, it's a shame we will never get back Endurance. That felt more like a game than a challenge.
Sent by 75937563748,May 12, 2020
Sent by FabioHenrique,May 12, 2020
TELL THEM, i’m just so damn sick of these people wanting the old comps back so they can use cheat engine
Sent by ashszoke,May 12, 2020
Yep. Zwooper is currently getting new comps since the old comps are flash
Sent by morseka3,May 12, 2020
ashszoke I think most of the chest engine users left the site besides eyoomarcus
Sent by unkown,May 12, 2020
ashszoke Just put on a new platform, that doesn't work cheat
Sent by FabioHenrique,May 12, 2020

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