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All my locks in stars lmao 1/24

2ndJan 3, 2020 by paul028
16th: Rosemount/Survivor_season1
15th: Colter/Eilish
14th: Colter/Eilish
13th: Rosemount/Survivor_season1
12th: Vermills3737/LaCroix
11th: Rosemount/Survivor_season1
10th: Rosemount/Survivor_season1
9th: Eilish/Survivor_season1
8th: Eilish/Survivor_season1
7th: Colter/Eilish
6th: Eilish/Rperduex11
5th: Survivor_season1/Rperdeux
4th: Colter/Eilish


Best Stars Winner
Sent by Girllover101,Jan 3, 2020
Stars Winner of the Decade
Sent by Sultana,Jan 3, 2020
Oh I was a counter for 6th
I thought I was uncountered
Sent by Rperduex11,Jan 4, 2020
rperduex11 it’s stars girl everyone is a counter for like 7th-4th
Sent by etaco75,Jan 4, 2020
wow me
Sent by Vermills3737,Jan 4, 2020

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