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2ndDec 29, 2019 by paul028
imageHi tengaged! It's Pablo and I am nominated for 15th in stars! When I joined I was kinda excited to play with some of these people but of course some players decided to play with multi's specifically Survivor_season1, Rperduex11, Rosemount are the current multi's in the game and Eilish is controlling them obviously this isn't big news tho!. Out of my 5 previous stars games none had multis which was great but unfourtantly this was bound to happen. It also doesn't help that people want to sheep the multi users in hopes it can benefit them in any way.
It wont

I wasn't sure if I was gonna make this type of stars blog, but then I remembered that they nominated me so why WOULDN'T I do this blog?

Anyway save me xoxo If I get multi'd out then tragic but atleast I tried doing something! Thanks in advance <3


good luck :)
Sent by Kindred7,Dec 29, 2019
rperduex11 is literall in the house chat dumbass LMAO like are you blind
Sent by Eilish,Dec 29, 2019
Sent by danyyboy67,Dec 29, 2019
rperduex11 is not a multi lol
Sent by Cadden,Dec 30, 2019

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