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love getting payouts

Mar 18, 2019 by paul028
I won the first HoH and then got thrown into an alliance with Lemjam, Rose, Beth and Kelly. I decided to use my HoH to break up the obvious duo who betrayed me last frookies Jadine and Smug sadly, they took it really personally and both sent really mean messages ksdfdj so people were pissed I kept the inact safe

Week 2 HAD AN INACT HOH ICONIC, not really iconic when jenna algod Kelly out :(
Week 3 had my ally Anton win HoH, I just voted to evict him against Kelly but lied obvi, he wanted the inact out and I agreed. Bye Jenna!
Week 4 another ally of mine won HoH Abi she nominated lemjam and tiff thankfully jake had POV so abi renominated another part of Smug's side Karma and I happily evicted her, GIRL BYE!

Jake won HoH and we encouraged him to backdoor Smug but since Smug vetoed him last round he said he wouldn't making me question his loyalty.

I WON HOH AGAIN!!!!! My target was SMUG! so I nominated smug and spiked against each other and lord behold Abi wins POV again, I beg her not to use but then I got told by my alliance that she's vetoing SMUG of all people I was shook and disappointed so I renominated Tiff as a pawn against Spiked, thankfully he went home!

ah day 7 saw TIFF the person I just nominated win HoH she tried flushing POV and worked then renominated me against Abi. I STAYED!

I WON MY 3RD HOH ON WEEK 8!!! I decided to FINALLY send home Smug unless he won POV then tiff was going home and LORD THANK YOU TIFF WON POV AND VETOED HERSELF LEAVING SMUG ON THE BLOCK! I renominated Lemjam because he truthfully was the closest to her. He was pissed omg


Beth won HoH and nominated Tiff and Rose, Jake won POV he vetoed Rose, automatically nominating me, then I GOT SENT HOME 2-0 MY OWN ALLIANCE EVICTED ME?!

I got 5th place, I voted for Rose to win over Jake.

Day1 HOH paul028 has nominated SAWCHUK55 and smuguy2012
Day6 HOH paul028 has nominated spikedcurley and smuguy2012
Day8 HOH paul028 has nominated smuguy2012 and tiffanox3

3 votes to evict
Day7 HOH tiffanox3 has selected final nominees paul028 and AbiMaria
Day9 HOH bbbeth has selected final nominees paul028 and tiffanox3

Sent by Spiderhitler,Mar 18, 2019
I agree with Tai.
Sent by NotNicky333,Mar 18, 2019
sawchuk55 karmasutra
Sent by mbarnish1,Mar 18, 2019
mbarnish1 again i never evict u u always do me
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Mar 18, 2019
mbarnish1 again i had never came for you in a game or evicted you in one, and never would have, yet you decided to come for me and end our friendship after begging me to add you that's on you, not me
Sent by KarmaSutra,Mar 18, 2019

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