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6thFeb 22, 2019 by paul028
imageIt's time for Breaking News, were we get all the drama from the latest stories happening now on tengaged. From Accusations, racist comments and a lot of drama, this week certainly turned out interesting!

Iconic users #Fetish and #peace123 have been banned due to alleged harassing and revealing personal information over Skype and Tengaged. This included posting the user's phone number on addmecontacts, gay chat rooms and other places. When asked for his side of the story this is what peace123 had to say "I was permanently banned for unfair reasons with no indication of when I'm being unbanned, that kind of speaks for itself how unfair our moderation is!" many iconic users like alanb1 @GrrrImABear damo1990 Paige54 had lots to say about this banning about Connor and Leah.
Alan wrote "the boy who threatens to leak my nudes and out me to my family gets a warning message but the boy who didn’t threaten or harass anybody on Tengaged or off of it gets a perm ban gotcha" queen of mean Paige54 had this to say about the situation "people who are allowed on tengaged: pedophiles multi users people who threaten to leak another player's nudes hackers
people who get permanently banned from tengaged: people who are accused of doxxing outside of tengaged with little proof. User mathboy9 said "justice for miss leah and connor..."

When asked about the doxxing, queen Leah (#Fetish) had this to say "the only “proof” they have is me saying this" the queen continued with "I haven’t leaked any information, I really haven’t done anything, I feel like people are just grasping at straws. ______'s phone number has gotten leaked on the blogs page before and when I reported it, only the blog got removed not the user. Admins blog is making it sound like I did something, and users are calling me disgusting for it. The only thing I did was blog that I love auntie Anne’s bc i went and got auntie Anne’s that day. And also there are over 600 auntie Anne’s so" 

Angry Tengaged?
King Koolness234 came and made a blog on how the people preying on minors on Skype have yet to be banned. The popular tengager had this to say "It is becoming vastly apparent that you are moderating on whims and desires and are not implementing a system that is fair you all. You sit here wondering why this site is failing and you offer little t and prizes so people join games that are not filling due to lack of activity on the site."  the king continued to pop off at Admin "Furthermore, drop this silly cant use skype information charade when it is becoming vastly apparent that you will take skype information when it floats your boat, but sit there and bat an eye when I try to remove legitimate people who are endangering minors on this site, but youll unjustly perma ban other people with lack of legitimate Tengaged evidence."

Many users stood behind Josh and agreed. User NotNicky333 said "imagine provoking pedophilia... admin is disgusting." User damo1990 had this to say "Oh tea. I have already said all  this in blogs"

When asked about the future of Tengaged, Josh had this to say "Inactive with little to no users in about a year"

5 Other Things
1. Delete2544 made an ICONIC blog about all the people she hates.
2. NotNicky333 opening up about pedophilia, ily king <3
3. #Fetish and #peace123 tragically got banned, rip icons
4. koolness234 is still iconic
5. CiTy wants justice for his stars ban!




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6. a beautiful, cool ass chick joins the site, you forgot to add it to the list so i did for you.
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