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12thFeb 19, 2019 by paul028

You've seen The Scoop by AunticArtic, you've seen Tea Time Tuesday by titoburitto , now it's time for Breaking News, were we get all the drama from the latest stories happening now on tengaged. From expiration dates, racist comments and a lot of drama, this week certainly turned out interesting!

Tengaged's Breakdown:
YES! Tengaged's Security certicate recently expired, making the site vulnerable to hackers possibly taking your account and financial information. A lot of people thought this was it, the e n d of tengaged! But thanks to Randomize he was able to renew it keeping Tengaged a float From a reliable source, the Tengaged Security Certificate will expire 19th of May 2019 which is only 3 months away! But it didn't stop tengaged players migrating over to Zwooper for a bit. A lot of Tengagers had different opinions and thoughts on the situation, One tengager said "I hope he don't renew it" another said "she’s officially gone huh." lastly, someone else said "Just because Tengaged is dead doesn't mean our friendship has to die with it :)"

Racist Comments?
During a game of Castings, a heated argument broke out between Blitszims , Streamxx Bambino , zakisaboss MANY things were said in this Casting with pointing fingers for Racism, homophobia etc. Players were shook to find out that Fiona, Tengageds sweetheart, said racist things on Skype and on Call. With evidence provided by Bambino and zakisaboss (I recommend you go and message them on skype to see for yourselves)

When talking to Bambino about the incident this is what she had to say "Honestly I’m so disgusted and disappointed because I actually enjoy tengaged. But I feel as if we go through enough of this shit in real life." The queen continued  "Why do I have to come on tengaged and deal with it too because the fucking admin is too shitty to make a racism rule. And I get banned for calling them what they are RACIST. And it sucks honestly."
Multiple users quickly took sides, some people took Fiona's side and defended her saying "I find it crazy that Blitszims is being forced to defend herself over vague messages and rumors."  But alot of people seemed to be against her, User Obey_me had this to say about her "YAY PEOPLE ARE DRAGGING HER I've always said she is trash." Another user said "When people are grown adults and act younger than 4th graders Yikes blitszims"

I did ask Blitszims for her side of the story but she never replied!

5 Other Things
1. New user Berserker has already been climbing the popularity in Tengaged, multiple top blogs already! Send him alot of love!
2. Saftronbtr999 's 6th year Anniversary on Tengaged! Yay!
3. King damo1990 finally winning Hunger, Katniss who?
4. Scononduders calling ItsAlexia a "little bitch boi"
5. Queenie Lauren Thumper91 winning her 3rd Stars! Legends only!

This next part is completely stolen from someone kjskjdfjk


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