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16thFeb 26, 2018 by paul028
imageSo some of you may know, I joined stars this week in hope to become one of the greats! I joined with so much hope and such high expectations!

My game coming into this house was just a nice, calm, and easy going ride, I was going to be nice to everyone and I did!

When the first day came around the house wanted ManniBoi out ( Ametrine) and I didn't have a problem, so I laid low that day.

Day 2 came around and the set was Scooby/Harley that was fine, I didn't particularly talk that much with Harley and wouldn't mind. But then that's where I was hearing my name being thrown out by a certain group of people in the house.

Day 3 rolled around pretty quickly and I was blindsided with queen ween being nominated along side zachbbs I didn't know that there was another huge alliance opposing the house, it made me sadly realize I was in the minority so I went to work talking with others trying to get the target off me and onto a big duo who was (and still is) running the house. But to no avail it did not work and everyone was pretty set in stone on voting out Halloween sadly, meaning I'd be even more alone than before.

The new day change came around. I was praying for a miracle on the sets being split and putting up the two biggest threats in the house, but it was me and Jack were the counter.

I really hope everyone can save me, this is my first stars and first poll and would really appreciate staying lol :p goodluck RealJacksonWalsh


+15 good luck =)
Sent by s73100,Feb 26, 2018
saved you, hope it heals the rift
Sent by lhooper902976,Feb 26, 2018
Sent by obey_me,Feb 26, 2018

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