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  1. Listening to Bebe Rexha
  2. Anyone want to outbid me on full Male Avi?
  3. Stars support!
  4. The TG public when BengalBoy blogs
  5. Gagaluv
  6. steve4280
  7. I'm sorry
  8. A thing that pissed me off about tengaged
  9. name a more dedicated user
  10. I'd like to see Victoria back again
  11. rip i need 250 ts to get
  12. Stars support!
  13. Who has the recent star winners
  14. RIP
  15. don't British men also
  16. is there a reason
  17. Noobs and Their Master Challenge #8
  18. A realistic Stars 500 cast!
  19. Stars support!
  20. Omg Tengaged should have
  21. The Holy Trinity Of CBS fans
  22. Just finished my Final exam!
  23. okay, but
  24. I just had a convo in mails about
  25. I HATE it when people think im Irish
  26. Attention Tengaged Users
  27. Stars support!
  28. Yesss @ these shop prices
  29. im sweating
  30. My 7 year old niece bit into her
  31. im so close to killing myself
  32. I think people who got evicted on BBUK
  33. People are actually ranking races?
  35. somebody
  36. Someone explain this to me
  38. Stars Support!
  39. so fucking pissed at
  40. Oh my god

Ever look at your old blogs

Feb 4, 2018 by paul028
and think how could you be that cringey?


WHenver in feeling sad I look at my old blogs
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Feb 4, 2018

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