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Nominated for 13th Jul 25, 2022
This was supposed to be a #CharityPanda

Please don’t let me flop. All of the nations must unite to save me and defeat the premade.

Calling all Bonicos! And every other group please band together to save Panda13
Points: 49 0 comments
Helen Kim Jul 14, 2022
was pushed. thats all
Points: 20 2 comments
Do we like panda13? Jul 12, 2022
I'm on the fence about it tbh
Points: 28 6 comments
My 4th place era Jul 12, 2022
Points: 0 0 comments
Yas Nick! Jun 26, 2022
Congrats nick33 <3 <3 well deserved
Points: 17 1 comments
Is this stars Jun 25, 2022
another #charityBonico ?
Points: 0 2 comments